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July 15, 2022

Date Nights Ideas in Phoenix That You Will Love 

It’s summer, it’s hot in Phoenix, and you want some unique, exciting ideas for a first (or 10th) date. We get it. We have some tips for you so that you don’t have to go to the same restaurant for the umpteenth time. They’re also cheap, so you won’t have to break the bank. Whether your vibes are adventurous, romantic or chill, we have lots of fun suggestions, so keep reading and then save this article for later.

male and female young adults sitting next to each other with an eegee in their hands

The Perfect Dinner Date? Come to eegee’s!

Want to know the best idea ever for a first date dinner? Of course, you do. Have you ever been to eegee’s? If not, you’ll need to hop over there immediately with your date for a wrap, fries, salad, and of course, an eegee for dessert. What’s an eegee, you ask? An eegee consists of real fruit with frozen goodness, and it’s likely the most delicious thing you’ll have ever tasted! If you’re old enough for an adult beverage, we suggest that you also try our boozy drink of the month, called a “Teekee.” Alternatively, go onto our website, where you can make the recipes yourself.

Romantic Ideas to Get Your Evening Going

If you’re more of the romantic type, here are some tips. If you’re looking for something really cheap, there’s always stargazing. For a good spot, there’s a 30-mile stretch of road called the “Road to Nowhere,” and it never disappoints. Other romantic and cheap places are urban areas, like Encanto Park. If you’re feeling fancy you can make a picnic for date night with wine, cheese, and charcuterie. On the other hand, if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to put something together, how about stopping by eegee’s and grabbing an original grinder for dinner. Thank us later!

If You’re Artsy, We Have You Covered

Check out this idea for you and your artsy date. There’s this place called “As You Wish,” where you can paint pottery. Pick any dish you want and paint to your heart’s desire. Otherwise, an easy option is the Phoenix Art Museum, the ASU museum or the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary art, where you can find lots of great art pieces that are totally Instagrammable.

Another great spot is called Wonderspaces Arizona. There are a ton of art installations that will make a perfect backdrop for your photos. If you want to impress your date with how artsy you are, look around for some indie and foreign movies playing in the area. Feel free to sneak in some eegee’s.

eegee’s also partners with talented locals to perform for eegee’s audiences on our social media segment called Vibees, complete with a complimentary online playlist curated specifically for our fans.

couple holding on to each other with arms raised at an outdoor music concert

Music Lovers Rejoice in a Wealth of Options

Here are some music ideas for you music-obsessed people. Check out the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), where you can try out over 15,000 different types of instruments. Maybe brush up on your cultural knowledge for this one. Or you can go to a concert at the Celebrity Theatre and then go grab some late-night fries after the concert at eegee’s. A cool treat is always welcome after a hot evening on the town, too — and eegee’s is your perfect location!

Outdoorsy People (You Know Who You Are)

We know that, at times, it will be unbearably hot this summer, but if you feel like braving the heat, here are some tips for your outdoorsy date night. The Hole in the Rock hiking trail is a good place for a short, not too intense hike, with some gorgeous views overlooking the city. Impress your date by bringing them to see the sunset.

People snap pictures of themselves in the mouth of Hole-in-the-Rock, a tourist attraction in Papago Park, Arizona. It was once used by the ancient Hohokam people to mark the turn of the seasons.

For a more intense hike (only attempt this if you have a vast amount of experience!), you can go to Camelback Mountain. If you aren’t a fan of the heat and want to do something that cools you down, go to the Oasis Water Park, which has wave pools and water slides. You are never too old for water slides! Another place you can go to feel like a kid again is the Krazy Air Trampoline Park. You might think it sounds silly, but seriously, it will be amazing.

Plenty of Ideas for Nature Lovers

Since nature is (usually) free, it makes for a perfect date. You can impress your date with places like the Japanese Friendship Garden or the Desert Botanical Garden. And, maybe brush up on your knowledge of plants before you go. Even a long nature walk is perfect with all the stunning views that you can find in and around the Phoenix area.

We Can’t Leave Out the Sports Fans!

Hey, all you sports lovers. How about a Diamondback baseball game as a date idea? Even if you or your date isn’t into baseball, it’s still a fun afternoon activity, as long as you can survive the heat. Bring along some eegee’s with you; it’ll be a perfect day — and don’t forget to tag us! A second idea if you want to be active during your date is Goat Yoga. Yes, you read that right. You can go to a yoga class with baby goats, cows and alpacas — don’t miss out!

A Few Extra Options Just for Fun

When was the last time you went bowling? It’s back in style! Check out Uptown Bowl, or make it a group thing and bring some friends along with you. Something else that’s coming back in style is the zoo. The Phoenix Zoo is very affordable and fun, and walking around looking at animals is always enjoyable, especially if you’re running out of things to talk about. Our last suggestion is the Tovrea Castle, a great historical spot, especially since there are a lot of cacti.

We hope these suggestions are enough to keep you and your date busy and having fun this summer! eegee’s can be your go-to option, you’ll have tried out the entire menu by the time you’re done, but we promise you won’t regret it. There are now multiple locations of eegee’s in the Valley. Take your date there for dinner, dessert or even a late-night snack; we won’t judge you. Or, pick it up and bring it to any of these activities we suggested. Happy summer!

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