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Doing Good Things in Tucson & Phoenix

eegee’s Community Involvement

At eegee’s, we believe it’s not enough to simply be in the community, we love being an active part of it. We partner with and donate to shelters, schools, hospitals and more. So far, we’ve gifted more than $3 million to some incredibly worthy causes. In addition, every quarter a charity is selected to receive the proceeds from our coin canisters (found by the registers at all of our stores)- totaling more than $100,000 since the program began 10+ years ago.

Girl standing holding an container of french fries

At eegee’s, we believe it’s not enough to simply be in the community, we love being an active part of it.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we brought food to grocery workers, frontline workers and vaccination volunteers. We also started the eegee’s Holiday 10 Days of Giveaways in 2020 where community members nominated friends and family for a special eegee’s prize. With over 700 nominations in one week, it was bigger than we ever imagined. We quickly worked with our local partners to include even more prizes because celebrating only ten people was not enough. After seeing the impact of the campaign, we have decided the 10 Days of Giveaways is here to stay. If you are interested in partnering with us for our giveaway or would like to get in contact with us about a charitable event, click here.

We also believe every moment should be celebrated, which is why we plan monthly activations and contests to surprise and delight both our guests and our community. Whether it’s handing out samples, hiding fun paks with prizes inside or turning our drive-thru into a spooktastic experience, we love nothing more than engaging with our neighbors.

And since we highly value Arizona’s many talented artists and musicians’ unique contributions to our community, our team was inspired to include locally created art in some of our swag and stores. All we had to do was walk around Downtown Tucson, eegee in hand, to know the graffiti we saw needed to be shared. Peep below for Marcoso’s shirt of the month that sold out in less than a day! We also partner with our talented neighbors to perform for our audiences on our social media segment called Vibees, complete with a complementary online playlist curated specifically for our fans. Click here if you are an artist interested in getting involved.

We also love partnering with local bars to create mouth-watering eegee flavor of the month adult beverages. And you’re gonna love them. Known as Teekees, we work together to post the delicious recipes on social media so our grown-up fans can recreate them at home. To keep up on everything eegee’s is up to in the community, check out our blog, The Squeeze.

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