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About eegee’s – Tucson & Phoenix

How Eegee’s Became an Arizona Icon

The Sonoran Desert is hot… And Tucson in September of ‘71 was no exception. Blistering pavement. Pools so warm they felt like bathwater. AC cranked to the max. Enter our founders to save the day (and all the days to come), driving around the city in their frozen lemonade vending truck, sweetening the moment at schools, sporting games and concerts with the silky smooth, frosty deliciousness of the now iconic eegee.

Pretty cool, right? Since then, we have revolutionized the food scene in Tucson and Phoenix, capturing the hearts of millions and quenching the thirst of Tucsonans (yeah, it’s a real word), Phoenicians and everyone who visits the Sonoran desert.

little girl by a pool holding an eegees cup
woman holding a container of eegee's french fries

A Delicious Community Tradition

Today, not only have we mastered our eegee to be the perfect blend of real fruit and frozen goodness, but we’ve also added iconic subs, such as the original grinder, along with salads, fries and ranch tasty enough to drink. (Seriously, we’ve seen it done.)

With stores across Southern Arizona, Phoenix and more to come, eegee’s is a yummy community tradition. For generations, we’ve been making ordinary days special and special days extraordinary. From the typical drive home from work to birthday parties, graduations, first dates and even weddings. You could say we even have a bit of a cult following *blushing*. Just ask any eegee lover with our logo tattooed on them (for real)! Go ahead, we’ll wait. But after your first taste, you’ll understand. So, take it easy, have an eegee.

woman holding a container of eegee's french fries

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