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June 20, 2022

Summer 2022: Best Ways to Beat the Heat in AZ  

Few places in this country get hotter in the summer than the great state of Arizona. But, as the mercury starts to climb, even your air-conditioned home isn’t enough to be comfortable. The good news is there are plenty of fun and innovative ways to beat that heat back, whether you live here or are just paying us a visit.

Go Out and Play

Sometimes, you have to go out and have some cool-down fun.

group of young adults splashing each other at a water park

Hurricane Harbor

If you are in the Phoenix area, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is a must on a hot day. Hurricane Harbor is 25 acres of heat relief for thrill-seekers and toe-dippers alike.

If you feel daring, the whitewater raft ride will cool you off with a 57-foot drop. If that sounds like a little more excitement than you need, enjoy a float on the lazy river instead.

As you head out for a day of water fun, keep three things in mind: sunscreen, water, and eegee’s. You’ll need the first two while in the park, and the third offers the perfect cool-off as you head home. Of course, nothing says cool after a day in the sun like an eegee’s Fizz.


If you’ve done Six Flags one too many times, head to Mesa to enjoy Golfland Sunsplash. It’s got a little something for everyone. You can ride the Thunder Falls, play some Bumper Boats or even get out of the water for a while to enjoy a round of mini-golf or games in the arcade.

Expect to work up an appetite as you cool off. A stop at the nearby eegee’s should be perfect after this day of play.

Young couple preparing to a skating. Close-up photo of their hands tying shoelaces of ice hockey skates in a locker room

Go Ice Skating

That’s right, we said it. You can go ice skating in the hottest place in the country in the middle of summer 2022. AZ Ice is open all year round to give you some cool fun. There are three locations in Arizona for your skating pleasure, including one in Gilbert (where an eegee’s restaurant is nearby!). You’ll enjoy not one but two ice skating rinks, and they even have party rooms. So lace up and stay cool.

Dress for Outdoor Success

No matter where you go, you want to make sure you dress the part. Wear light-colored clothing. Dark colors pull in the heat. Look for cotton or linen shirts, too, preferably a t-shirt. These materials absorb sweat and will be more comfortable. Stay away from shirts with high collars that may funnel your breath toward your chest.

A hat is a must. Few things are as dangerous on a hot day as a bare head. The sun will beat down, heating your scalp. That, in turn, will heat your body. Look for a hat that is lightweight and not a dark color.

Dress your feet smart too. Slides and flip-flops are practical if you are heading to a waterpark or pool. If you need a foot cover, canvas sneakers are the shoe of choice if you are doing something where you need cover.

group of young adults leaning against a wall holding a cup of eegees

Stay Hydrated With Some Cool Drinks

Drinking water is the key to staying hydrated in the Arizona heat. In 100+ degree heat, eight glasses aren’t going to do it. So if you go anywhere, take water, even in the evening. If you plan to be outside, take lots of water.

That doesn’t mean you can’t mix in other delicious cold drinks throughout the day. Pick up a few eegee’s Half and Half drinks to get you through the day. Just drink water in between. It’s the best of both cool worlds. You get to satisfy that craving and stay hydrated at the same time.

Stay Indoors and Chill

Maybe you’d rather stay home and chill during the hottest part of the day. We’ve got some recommendations for indoor fun too.

people scooping up bucket of eegees

Party at Home

The downside of heading out and looking for a place to cool down is everyone else is doing the same thing. You can avoid the crowds by spending a day at home or enjoying the cool conditioned air in the hotel.

Have a picnic in the living room or build a fort. Pick up some eegee’s to make your cool day at home complete. Better yet, pick up a Party or Fun Pak to enjoy by the pool with friends.

Cook Outdoors

Don’t use the stove or oven because it heats the room; instead, cook out on the grill. You will have to spend a few minutes outside while you cook, so wrap a cool towel around your neck and grab a cold drink to get you through it. No rule says you can’t have a summer barbeque and air conditioning at the same time.

Not in the mood to cook? Get eegee’s delivered to your door.

Do Your Home Work

If you live in Arizona, the things you do to keep your house cool are critical. At the start of summer, do a check around your home. Make sure all your windows have blinds or blackout shades. Then when the hot weather hits, keep them closed. Also, consider putting window film on to reflect the sun away from your home.

If possible, put fans in the main rooms and bedrooms. Ceiling fans are the optimal choice, but box fans work well, too.

Make sure your light bulbs are CFL or LED, as well. The old-school bulbs produce heat. Double-check the seals around your doors and windows to keep the hot air out.

Finally, prepare for the hottest days by stocking up on food and drinks. You can fill your refrigerator or pick up an eegee’s Party Pak to have on hand in the freezer, too. This way, there is no reason to go out into the heat.

Arizona is hot. That’s just a fact. And, in the summer, it gets dangerously hot. It is up to you to take steps to stay cool. Add a few cool drinks and meals from eegee’s to your summer fun list and enjoy the heat safely.

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