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March 4, 2022

Why eegee’s Has the Best French Fries (No Cap)  

Your local eegee’s restaurant is known for a lot of things. For serving up an eclectic mix of frozen beverages (with the occasional limited flavor tossed in). For having delicious grinders and subs, served on freshly baked bread. And for having friendly staff and a quick drive-through experience.

However, beyond all of this, eegee’s is known for having the best French fries in town. This isn’t just hearsay or an empty quote tossed around. With eegee’s, it’s a demonstrated fact.

How can that be? Is there a scientific measurement for the deliciousness of a fry? Yes, and it’s called the “best of the best” vote.

Tucson Weekly’s Annual Best Vote

Every year, the local newspaper and website Tucson Weekly puts on an annual “best of the best” vote. It’s a city-wide vote that covers everything from the best lawyer in town to the best sushi rolls. Heck, there’s even a “Best eegee’s Frozen Drink” category (in 2021, Watermelon won the award). One of the key voting items is “Best French Fries.”

Every year, eegee’s makes it into the final listing, and more often than not, the restaurant takes home the top prize. In 2021, eegee’s French fries made it as a finalist, alongside Zinburger and Serial Grillers (Serial Grillers and eegee’s were finalists in 2020 with Graze as well). In fact, even in the years eegee’s doesn’t come out on the very top, it’s always a finalist. With the hundreds of restaurants located in metro Tucson that serve up French fries, landing in the top three is a major accomplishment on its own.

And yet eegee’s still takes home the top prize more often than any other restaurant. In 2018, eegee’s won for having the best French fries in Tucson. The same is true for 2017, 2016, 2015, all the way back to 2000, where the first “Best French Fries” category popped up.

Year in and year out, no other restaurant is able to compete with the taste, or the longevity of eegee’s. And, chances are, if you’re pulling up Google and searching for the “best French fries near me,” chances are the closest option you have is the local fast food eegee’s restaurant.

The French Fry Lineup

There’s a selection of French fry flavors available at eegee’s, which not only lets you sample a variety of fry options, but you can mix and match with your grinder as well. Because maybe you like to get creative and toss some fries into your grinder, and you want to see which fry flavor combines perfectly with your favorite sub. There is no wrong way to eat an eegee’s French fry. Just as long as it ends up in your mouth.

An eegee's container with french fries

First, you can give the traditional French fry a try. This is free of any dressing, which makes it the perfect fry order if you are on the run. Our crinkle cut fries also come with a side of ranch for you to dunk your perfectly crisp and salty fries in.

The crinkle cut fries come in two sizes: medium and large. The flavored fries come in a larger container that is perfect for eating with your finger or plowing through with a fork.

The Flavored French Fries

When it comes to the classics, the original Ranch Fries is where it’s at. These are the same crinkle-cut fries as you’d get with the regular order, only these are topped with the house-made ranch dressing as well as bacon bits. Yes, the ranch is house made. You’re not going to find it in grocery stores, and you can’t mimic it with the store-bought stuff anyway. Because with the original Ranch Fries, it’s not only about the taste of the ranch but the thickness.

You don’t want something too thick, as it’s just going to glob up and make too much of a mess (not to mention completely dominate the other flavors), and you don’t want anything too thin, as that’s just going to make the crispy fries soggy. The house-made ranch is one of the major reasons why it’s some of the best fries in town.

eegee's | container of ranch fries with bacon crumbles

But there are additional flavors as well. Want something with a little more of a kick? Why not try the Chipotle Ranch Fries? These are similar to the Ranch Fries, only it comes with that added chipotle ranch kick. Don’t worry, these fries are still covered in delicious bacon bits.

There’s also the Buffalo Ranch Fries. While you still maintain the house-ranch, the buffalo sauce adds a nice tangy flavor to the fries. There’s a bit of heat in there as well, but nothing that is going to send your tastebuds ablaze. This is for anyone who can’t get enough of the buffalo sauce on chicken wings and, if they could, would smoother it on anything.

And third, maybe you’re a cheddar cheese kind of person. Perhaps there’s just something about that delicious cheese you simply can’t get enough of. You order nachos more so for the cheese on top than the chips below the sauce. Well, if that sounds like you, the Cheesy Bacon Fries is the eegee’s flavor of French fries you need to try out.

Container of cheese fries and bacon

These kinds of fries are topped with warm cheesy nacho sauce to give you that French fry meets nacho taste. And, of course, to bring the flavors back home, the Cheesy Bacon Fries are topped off with bacon bits. The salty nature of the bacon bits really helps bring out the flavors of the nacho cheese. In fact, that little bit of salty goodness really pulls the flavor out in all of the French fries served up at your local eegee’s.

Grab Yourself Some eegee’s Today

If you’re not craving some freshly baked and seasoned eegee’s French fries by now nothing is going to make you crave it. It’s the perfect stand alone snack or addition to a complete grinder and eegee order. What are you waiting for? Head on out to your local eegee’s and give the legendary French fries a try. Whether it’s for the first time or the 100th time, it will always be satisfying. After all, you just ate the best French fries in all of Tucson.

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