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October 14, 2021

Vegetarian Fast Food Options at eegee’s 

While eegee’s might be best known for delicious sandwiches, you won’t have to adjust your diet in order to enjoy the vegetarian fast food offerings here at this Tucson staple. Whether you’re vegetarian or you are full-fledged vegan, you don’t need to avoid eating when friends pull into the neighborhood eegee’s.

Grinder Sandwich Items You Can Enjoy as a Vegetarian

With so many fresh veggies and homemade ingredients, you can rest assured your diet is in safe hands. But what exactly can you munch on when pulling into the eegee’s drive-through or walking into the restaurant for a sit-down meal?

For starters, the veggie grinder is the way to go. You can skip out on the meat and still chow down on a selection of your favorite veggies. Other restaurants have to inject their bread with all kinds of ingredients to make sure they last. That’s not the case here at eegee’s. Here, everything is freshly baked, where the bread contains your basic bread ingredients of water, yeast, flour and salt.

Is there another sub or grinder you have your eye on? Sub out the meat for extra veggies or cheese. You’ll get the same great flavor with every bite.

Vegan And Vegetarian Friendly Salads

Maybe you’re not in the mood for a sandwich. Or perhaps you want something that skips out on the bread. You might also be looking for some kind of a side dish that isn’t as filling as a full meal. It is not a problem here, as you can order either a full-sized salad or a side salad. Just make sure when ordering a salad to let the staff know to leave out the chicken and/or cheese.

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So, whether you want to make a meal out of just your salad, or you want a side-salad to compliment your sandwich, there are options, and these are just some of the more popular ways to pick up a vegetarian-friendly meal while visiting eegee’s.

Enjoy Your Favorite Frozen eegee

Thankfully, the frozen eegee beverages are vegan and vegetarian friendly, so no matter what your dietary requirements are, you can always stop by and cool yourself down. Regardless of flavor, there is never any animal byproduct used within the drink. Whether it is a classic flavor or one coming back for the 50th anniversary of your favorite local Tucson restaurant, you will always be able to kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy the frozen beverage.

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Have A Full Meal Here at eegee’s

The truth is, here at eegee’s we do what we can to make sure everyone is always able to enjoy our delicious sandwiches, sides, and frozen beverages. It is why it is possible, regardless of if you are vegetarian, vegan, or you eat it all, you can stop on by the restaurant and order your favorite meals. From veggie sandwiches to full-sized salads, side salads, and even the award-winning eegees, we have something for you.

Just to make sure everything is made specifically for you and your dietary needs, let us know if you are vegan or vegetarian. It is our pleasure to do everything in our power to help you enjoy your meal while uphold your diet as well.

All of this is possible at any of our eegee’s restaurants. So, whether you’re driving back from Phoenix after a weekend trip, or you’re craving dinner after a long work day, it doesn’t matter what eegee’s is closest, we will service you, your hunger, and your dietary needs. Stop on by and see us today.

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