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November 4, 2021

Tucson Edition | Coolest (Coldest?) Things to Do During Thanksgiving Break  

If you blinked you might have missed the first ten months of the year. It sure feels like 2021 is flying by (although I don’t think anyone is really complaining about that). Turkey day is right around the corner, which means you and the family will probably have some time off. Even if you’re not heading out to spend time with extended family you’ll still have some quality days to spend with your immediate family. When living around Tucson, here are some of the coolest (and even coldest) things to do in town, even if just for a few hours.

eegee's | young woman smiling holding an eegee's funpak

Grab Yourself A Fun Pak

Your neighborhood eegee’s is going to be closed on Thanksgiving, so make sure to grab a Fun Pak packed full of delicious frozen eegee beverages beforehand. It’ll keep for Thanksgiving, which makes it a perfect treat for the entire family. You can even have one for the kids, and one that’s been, perhaps, spiked, for the adults. However you want to celebrate the holidays is up to you, but when you want a frozen treat, there’s nothing better than an eegee.

eegee's | Mount Lemmon at night

Mt. Lemmon

When you want to go somewhere that’s physically colder than the rest of Tucson, there’s no better spot than Mt. Lemmon. Yes, there are a handful of other hiking destinations in town, some of which may even lead to a touch of snow, but all of those spots will require hours worth of hiking. Mt. Lemmon is different.

Sure, there are plenty of hiking trails along the mountain. You could have lived here your entire life and hiked it every weekend, and still have not discovered all the different hiking spots.

Of course, maybe you don’t want to walk several miles after eating a full Thanksgiving meal. In that case, you can head up to Summerhaven. Sure, the name might suggest it is a summer destination to beat the heat (it is) but there’s still plenty to do during the winter months. You can even take yourself skiing if you’d like. But if you’re not one for the slopes, there’s some small restaurants up top, and it’s a great place to kick back and relax.

In the off chance the mountain is closed up top due to extreme weather, you can stop by one of the outlooks or hiking trails along the way. There is, after all, a pull-off every quarter mile or so, which gives you plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy.

eegee's | ice hockey players

Tucson Roadrunners

There’s nothing like hockey in the desert. Grab your team sweater, head out to the Convention Center, and cheer on the Tucson Roadrunners, your local Phoenix Coyotes affiliate. This minor league hockey team is a feeder team to the majors, and many of the players you see playing for the Roadrunners will be called up to the Phoenix team within the next year or two.

If you’re a snowbird and miss your hockey, this is a great chance to bring back a favorite sport. You’ll be amazed at the number of hockey team logos you’ll see on hats and shirts and jackets. From the Redwings to the Penguins to the Blackhawks, you’ll be in good company. And even if you’re new to hockey, this is a great chance to get out with the family without spending much money.

eegee's | empty movie theater with bucket of popcorn

A Night at the Movies

Did you know Thanksgiving is one of the most popular days of the year to see a movie? With the day off, movie theaters do major business. And, after the last year or so, movie theaters can absolutely use your business. There will be plenty of movies out for you to see this year too. Whether it is the new Eternals movie from Marvel, catching up on James Bond, or you want to see one of the several animated features showing, there’s something for everyone.

Sure, the movie theater can get a little chilly, especially here in Tucson with the AC cranked almost all the time, but you can warm yourself with some hot nachos, a hot chocolate, or one of your favorite beverages.

Or maybe you’d rather see an old classic or something a bit different. The Loft is always showing oldies and other classic flicks, and this Thanksgiving will be no different. Other specialty shows around town include a live orchestration performance to the original Star Wars trilogy at the Convention Center, and Miracle on 34th Street at the Fox.

eegee's | draft beers sitting on top of bar table

Grab a Frosty Cold Local Brew

Tucson is home to a number of small to medium sized craft breweries. And let’s face it, whether you’re home from college or just looking for things to do, after dealing with family and the hectic nature that comes with it, you could probably use a nice, refreshing beer. Well, in town you can stop by one of the numerous breweries spread around the Old Pueblo.

The largest is, by far, Barrio Brewing Company, where you can find a comfortable selection of beers and a full kitchen. Or, you can stop by Borderlands, where the brewery puts out an annual stout with a Mexican brewery, which is full of holiday spirit (and usually Mexican chocolate). So, kick back and relax from your hectic holiday and enjoy a delicious pint at a local establishment.

Tombstone Tree Lighting

If you’re itching to get out of Tucson but don’t want a super long (or boring) drive, head on over to Tombstone. It’s a stone’s throw away and there’s always something fun to take in here. However, unlike most visits, where you might watch one of the reenacted O.K. Corral shooting performances, on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, there will be the annual Christmas tree lighting. This is complete with hot chocolate, coffee and other beverages. Plus, when you’re in Tombstone you’re a short drive from Bisbee, and there’s even more fun to take in while visiting the truly fun and beautiful mountain town.

Grab Yourself an eegee Today

You don’t have to wait around for Thanksgiving break in order to take in a delicious snack from eegee’s. Whether you want the legendary frozen beverage, or you’re hungry for some ranch fries or a grinder, your neighborhood eegee’s will be open and serving you. Just make sure to stop by before or after Thanksgiving, because just like you, our employees will have the day off as well. So take advantage of your time off, have fun, and see you around your favorite eegee’s soon!

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