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August 8, 2022

The Ultimate Tailgate Menu | Best Game Day Food Ideas  

The big game is coming to Glendale, Arizona in 2023 and we’re already gearing up to feed some hungry football fans. For those who are coming in from out of town, you’ve got to try Arizona’s very own eegee’s restaurant. With hearty subs, creamy ranch fries, and a cult favorite icy cold fruity beverage called an “eegee”, you can’t go wrong picking up some grub to add to your pregame tailgate menu.

Even if the game doesn’t go as you hoped, you can still control the tailgate and offer up the ultimate food spread. Whether you are tailgating right on the stadium’s grounds in Glendale, or you have a sweet set-up in your driveway, there are plenty of easy, tasty and cheap options you can serve your guests, both with and without a grill.

3-Foot Subs

Whether you’re in a pinch and running out of time to prep for the big game, or you want something that will feed the masses and satisfy stomachs, a 3-foot sub from eegee’s is the way to go. These subs come in many variations that are then cut down into three-inch sections.

These smaller sections make perfect finger food, and it’s easy enough to go up and get more whenever guests want. Plus, you can serve the subs cold, so if you have a prolonged tailgate, you never have to worry about the food cooling on you.

In fact, when setting up your tailgate menu, the one thing you’ll need to worry about with eegee’s party subs is whether or not you have enough.

burgers and hot dogs on a grill

Dogs and Burgers

You can include chicken wings in your menu if you want, but have you seen the price of chicken wings these days? Those things are not only getting more expensive, but they’re also getting more difficult to locate. And, let’s face it, chicken thighs just aren’t as good as chicken wings. Thankfully, dogs and burgers are so much easier to handle.

You can cook these up quickly, so if more guests stop by you’re able to toss a few more up on the grill. And while boxes of frozen burgers are easy, it’s always best to grab some ground beef and whip up the burger patties yourself. This way you can add your secret spice blend for that extra special taste.

No grill? That won’t be an issue, at least with the dogs. You can go New York City hot dog vendor and boil the hot dogs for that extra plump, ballpark taste.

Chips and Dip

Want something that’s cold and doesn’t take a load of work? Chips and dip is the way to go. And, thankfully, because you are in Arizona you have access to some of the best salsa and guac in the country. Whether you decide to make it your own, grab it from the store, or pick up a few pints from a nearby Mexican restaurant, there are plenty of options. Just make sure to keep the guacamole covered, otherwise, you’ll end up with that layer of brown on top.

individual cups of mixed fruit over ice

Mixed Fruit

Maybe not a tailgate staple, but this is an awesome option when you’re craving something sweet. Grab a pre-made bag of frozen mixed fruit and pour it into a large serving bowl. By the time guests start to grab the fruit, it will be just cool enough to bite into.

It’s also an excellent option because you already know there is going to be at least one person that shows up and wants something healthy. With the frozen fruit, you can at least give them something (and maybe even grab a turkey sub from eegee’s, which will give them a lean meat option as well).

Potato Salad

Potato salad might be the one side that really goes with everything. It matches perfectly with a sub, and it’s an exceptional complement to hot dogs or burgers. It’s colder, which means you not only can bypass the grill, but you can make it the night before, which will help you with prepping.

Just, please, for everyone else that’s going to be at the tailgate, don’t be the person that puts raisins into their potato salad. If you want something fruity, you can have the mixed frozen fruit on hand. But do not toss raisins into the potato salad, unless you don’t want anyone else eating it.

large bowl of bean chili


For those cool evenings when you just want to keep warm, there’s really nothing better than bringing homemade chili.

With chili, there are so many other meals you can spin out of it. You can use it for the ultimate chili-cheese dip, which goes well with both French fries and nachos. You can build chili dogs, and if you want to go Cincinnati on guests, you can pour some chili over pasta for a little bit of chili mac. Or, of course, you can just chow down on that bowl of chili.

It’s always a great idea to offer some variety to your tailgate menu items over the course of the year. This way, guests never fully know what they are going to get when they arrive. It also helps keep things interesting, even if the game isn’t.

eegee’s Fun Pak

Having iced cold beverages on hand is one thing, but maybe you want to kick the flavor up to the next level. If that’s the case, you can pick up an eegee’s party pak of your favorite eegee flavor, then mix it into a cocktail, or just drink it as is.

Start Tailgate Meal Planning Today

In our opinion, it’s never too early to start tailgate meal planning. After all, the big game is just around the corner! And remember, if you are ever in a pinch or want food that will feed fans without causing you any stress, your local eegee’s is always ready to help.

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