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October 10, 2022

Scary Good Halloween Party Dinner Ideas  

With school back in full swing and the days growing shorter, it might mean the end of summer, but it also means the fast approach of Halloween. And while Halloween is fun for kids, there’s no reason why you can’t throw an epic party for adults as well. After all, it’s important to keep that fun-loving child inside of you alive and well.

Whether it’s an adults-only party or you’re putting it on as a family-friendly affair, you’ll want to serve up a killer menu. With food to die for, you’ll take your Halloween party over the top. But what to serve? Here’s a handful of scary good Halloween party dinner ideas that are perfect for kids and adults.

Scary halloween food pasta vampire monster face with big eyes and fangs for celebration party decoration. Vintage wooden background Rustic style

Spaghetti With Eyeballs

This one is a bit of a Halloween classic, but with a twist. Perhaps you’ve played the game where everyone has their eyes closed and then touches random items. Spaghetti is often used as witch “hair” while grapes might be referred to as “eyes.” That’s all fun and games, but it doesn’t do much for an actual menu.

With spaghetti with eyeballs, you can make up your own spaghetti and red sauce recipe (it has to be red because that just adds to the creepy look). But then, for the eyeballs, you’ll make meatballs, then place a circular cut of mozzarella cheese over top, and then a slice of black or green olives over top. This will instantly make the meatballs look more like eyeballs popping out from the spaghetti dish.

If you’re worried about one person going in, scooping up the spaghetti and ruining the visual splendor and creep factor for everyone else, you can offer up individual servings in cups, each with their own eyeball. This makes it easier and helps keep costumes neater.

Halloween Mini Pizza Monsters on a black background. Spider Pizza, Ghost Pizza, Monster Pizza. Food idea for Halloween party

Ghost Pizza Bagels

Giving guests individual items they can easily grab and munch on as they walk around is an absolute must. With these ghost pizza bagels, you’ll do exactly that.

Pick up some plain, small bagels. You don’t need anything fancy here, and usually the miniature bagels work perfectly for this (although you can go with something larger if you want). With the bagels cut in half, spread pizza sauce over the flat portion of the bagel. Then, with mozzarella cheese, sprinkle on the shape of a ghost. (it basically looks like a white cactus with the singular base and the arms stretched out). You can then use small bits of diced up olives as the eyes and mouth of the ghost.

Toss these into the oven until toasted and you’re ready to go.

This can be a fun menu item to make with your kids as well. You’ll also find this is one of the most popular food to eat, because it’s so easy to grab a toasted ghost pizza bagel.

Hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls designed to look like mummies. with eyes

Mummy Dogs

This is another fun and easy menu item to include. Grab a pack of your favorite hot dogs or sausages as well as the oven-bake biscuit mix available in the circular tubes in the refrigerator section of your grocery store.

Instead of cutting off sections for individual biscuits, you’ll want to roll out the biscuit mix and wrap it around each hot dog. Leave space when you wrap around the hot dog (sloppy is almost better here). It’s supposed to look like a haunted mummy with the wrappings falling off.

Leave a space near the top of the hot dog for the mummy’s eyes. Once finished, you can add the eyes with whatever topping you like. It can be small diced onions, drops of mustard, or anything else you enjoy. And make sure to have some sauces available for guests who enjoy dipping their breaded hot dogs.

bucket of ice cold eegee drink

eegee’s Party Paks and Subs

Maybe you want to keep the spook out of at least one of your Halloween dinner offerings. If so, why not order an eegee’s Party Pak or Fun Pak? Here you can customize your order with one of the legendary eegee’s frozen drinks. The Party Pak buckets are designed for up to 50 people and the Fun Pak serves up to 25 people (of course, you can always order more than one). This way, you’ll keep the drink cold and ready for your guests.

While you’re at it, why not order some eegee’s subs and grinders as well? While snacking on mummy hot dogs and spaghetti eyeballs is fun, there might be those in the party that just feel like an old-fashioned sub sandwich. You can order these with ham, bacon, or any other variety of meat (or vegetarian). By ordering the subs with the Party or Fun Paks you’ll have all of this covered, no matter how many other Halloween dinner ideas you utilize.

Halloween dessert: shortbread cookies with chocolate spiders close-up on a wooden table. horizontal background

Spider Cookies

Sure, you can always go to the store and grab one of the countless sugar cookie options that will be for sale. You can even get the ready-to-bake cookie tubes that come with some kind of creepy imagery in the middle. But where would the fun be with all that? Even if you’re planning a traditional Halloween meal, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your desserts. With spider cookies, you can make delicious cookies and convert them into the ultimate Halloween addition.

Start off with your favorite base cookie. This can be a sugar cookie, a peanut butter cookie, or anything else that is plain (you don’t want a chocolate chip cookie because the chips will take away from the visual of the spider).

With the cookies spread out on a baking tray, place a Hershey’s Kiss in the middle of each, then take a brown M&M (with the M down) and position it along side the Kiss. This will be the body and head of the spider.

Now, with black chocolate frosting, draw legs coming from the body of the spider. Make sure to draw out four on each side. Once drawn out you can bake your cookies as you normally would. Once out of the oven you will have perfectly delicious spider cookies.

Grab Your Last Minute Party Fixings From eegee’s

Maybe your current menu lineup isn’t as robust as you were hoping, or you want to complete the food offerings with something a bit more traditional. Whatever the case may be, when it comes to quick and delicious food, there’s nothing like the subs, grinders, and ranch fries available at your neighborhood eegee’s.

On top of that, don’t forget your bucket of frozen eegee as well. Whether served spiked for adults or you’re using it as a mixer for a party that’s getting ready to do the monster mash, you’ll find all of your last minute menu items at eegee’s. So stop by and order your Party or Fun Paks today.

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