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June 17, 2021

Ranch Your Way: 5 Ways eegee’s Ranch Can Make Any Dish Better

eegee’s ranch has developed a cult following over the years. Fans describe the original recipe as not too creamy and not tart–the perfect balance any ranch lover aspires to find. When customers started raving about its undeniable deliciousness, we knew we had something pretty special. We don’t just douse our salads in our famous ranch recipe, it’s also used in our famous Ranch Fries (which are topped with bacon of course).

Bringing eegee’s ranch home is the eegee’s way. Craving the herby creaminess anytime is no problem when it’s right there in your fridge. Over the years, we’ve heard of customers using our ranch as more than just a dip. Recipes ranging from the ultimate ranch burger to delicious crudite and even alfredo sauces. Getting creative with the condiment-of-all-condiments is actually pretty fun! We’ve compiled some of the top ways you can use our ranch to make any dish better.

1. Dip It, Spread It, Spoon It

A classic way to enjoy ranch at home. Whether you’re having a party or you’re making appetizers for the family, add some ranch on the side to dip. We’re partial to the wings and veggies route, but pizza slices also apparently should be dipped in ranch. Spread some ranch on a sandwich in place of mustard or mayo for a little turkey, ranch and sourdough situation. When in doubt, just take a spoonful to the mouth. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it is the ranch lover’s motto.

Someone dipping french fries into dip

2. An Elevated Pairing

For a more elevated experience, use some ranch to drizzle over your chef creations. Kabobs on the barbecue drizzled in ranch. A beautiful crudités platter topped off with some ranch so each bite is perfect. Inspired by eegee’s Ranch Fries, which are drizzled in ranch and topped with bacon, the ranch drizzle is where it’s at. Purchase extra cups of ranch to keep in your refrigerator when the craving hits.

3. In Place of Mayo For Extra Flavor

Ranch can also be used in place of mayo for extra flavor when making cold salads or even pasta sauces. Using ranch in a potato salad recipe adds an extra kick of flavor that you didn’t know you needed. Plus, using the ranch that’s made with simple ingredients and no preservatives is also a healthier option. You may have to get creative with altering a recipe that calls for mayo, buttermilk, or a milk and butter combination. Start with a little and then add in more to get the consistency you want.

Grinder sandwich with chicken and veggies

4. As A Breading or Marinade

If making homemade crusted chicken or fish is on the menu, ranch is the best ingredient to add to your recipe. Dredge your protein in ranch before dredging in your breading mixture. Because ranch is extra creamy, it makes for an extra crispy crust once it’s baked. Ranch also makes for a great marinade. Steak, chicken, fish or shrimp can be marinated in ranch overnight or for a few hours to give it a bold, fresh flavor. It’s especially delicious when grilling your meat after it has marinated overnight. Give it a try!

5. As A Way To Make Anything Creamier

Ranch can be used in so many ways, but the key is to match the consistency with other ingredients that you may want to swap out. It’s one of the best ways to make any recipe creamier. The fresh flavor of ranch pairs well with a variety of flavors, so playing around in the kitchen is definitely encouraged!

What’s The Ranch Craze All About?

eegee’s ranch has always been a customer favorite. It didn’t start out with a cult following, however. When the original recipe was created in the 1980s (which is still the same recipe), it was on the menu as a salad dressing. Makes sense, right? It wasn’t until almost a decade later that a customer tried the ranch with fries. The combination was so good that Ranch Fries eventually had a permanent spot on the menu. To this day, customers still can’t get enough of eegee’s ranch!

Container of french fries with ranch and bacon on top

Why Is eegee’s Ranch So Good?

eegee’s has always opted for made-from-scratch recipes that they make in-house. The ranch recipe is no different. The key difference between eegee’s ranch and other ranches is the absence of preservatives. The recipe itself is simple. Using the best ingredients has been part of eegee’s kitchen philosophy since the beginning and it hasn’t changed over the years.

Contrary to popular belief, ranch is not just a dressing. It’s a dip, a marinade, a drizzle, a cream base and even a sauce. With a little creativity and a lot of passion for the beloved eegee’s ranch, you can create your own ranch recipes at home. Just stop by eegee’s to purchase a few extra cups of ranch (if you needed more than the standard two that come with any menu item). And have an eegee while you’re at it!

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