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June 28, 2021

How to Throw the Ultimate eegee’s Backyard Birthday Party This Summer

Schooooools out for summmmma! If only school could be out forever, but fall and the school year will be back before you know it. So what does that all mean? It’s time to party while you can! This has been one heck of a year, and if anyone deserves to party it’s, well, everyone! Have a birthday this summer? Well that’s double the reason to throw down some serious party fever. So get the buds ready to kick it and throw the ultimate backyard birthday party. And, of course, if you’re going to make it epic, it’s got to include some eegee’s.

It’ll be so good it’ll be the whipped cream on top of your frothy latte good.

Gonna Need Some Tunes

You can’t have a party without bumpin’ some tunes. Sure, you could go with a playlist you have stored on your phone, but why not crank it up to 11 and create a brand-new playlist? It’ll be that perfect summer meets birthday playlist.

You don’t even need to buy and download all those songs. Just grab the Spotify app, set up a new playlist, and check off your favorite songs to it. Or you can pick out a summer playlist that’s already set up (psst we have a playlist on Spotify you might like). Whether you want something super chill, or something that makes you want to spike the eegee and dance the day away, there’s a music playlist for everyone.

Bring the Shade

It’s summer in Tucson. That means it is hotter than hell. Literally. Step out onto the pavement after 9 am, and you’ll burn your feet. You know it’s hot when you can see people baking cookies in the sun, only using pavement and a baking sheet.

You don’t want your toes to end up like those cookies, so you best bring the shade. Don’t have shade in the backyard? Now’s the time to grab a pop-up awning or tailgate tent. Tailgate tents are fantastic. They only have a ceiling, no walls, and make it easy to walk in and out of it, all while getting out of the sun. Because, it ain’t much of a backyard birthday party if everyone ends up inside because it’s too hot outside.

We’re suckers for hitting up Mt. Lemmon because of that nice 20 degree temperature dip, but that’s also a lot of work to haul everything (and everyone) up there. So set up the shade, bring out the fans, and get ready to party!

Can’t Forget The Food

Ever been to a party without food? Yeah, it’s pretty lame, isn’t it? After about five minutes you realize there’s no food or drink and start formulating an exit strategy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a party for adults or for kids, there needs to be food.

Long sub sandwich with meat and veggies and A container of red eegee

The Party Pak and 3″ Sub orders from eegee’s is on point and the best way to feed people stopping by. Order 6-inch subs, and you’ll have a bunch of half-eaten subs sitting around when everyone’s gone. And there will be those that eat half, forget about it, then pick up another. But the 3-inch sub is the way to go. It’s easy to chow down on when you want a quick bite, and there’s always more. Feeling full? There’s probably only a bite or two left anyway, so might as well finish it.

And the cold cuts are great because you can have them on display, ready for your guests. You also won’t have people touching and poking everything. Nobody wants to eat food that the last person just fondled. So give the gathering masses of your backyard birthday party subs from eegee’s, and you’ll keep everyone fed and happy.

Cool Down With an eegee

It doesn’t matter if there’s a pool or everyone’s just kicking it outside, you’re going to need something for everyone to cool down with. Breaking out the can of soda or a cerveza is one thing, but it doesn’t always hit the spot. Sometimes you need that sweetness, that coolness, that deliciousness known as an eegee.

You can take a head count and make an eegee’s run in the middle of the party, or you can just pick up a Party Pak, then let your guests serve themselves as they hit the backyard. Really you can give them out however you’d like. Heck, you could hoard it all to yourself, and we couldn’t blame you for it at all. Just make sure you’ve got the frozen goodness for your guests. It almost makes that Tucson summer heat a bit more bearable.

Ideas For Games To Play

Here’s one thing we’ve learned over the years of throwing parties, both for kids and for adults. When it’s the summer, there are two groups of people: those who don’t care what the temp is and will still participate in anything and everything, and then there are those who just want to sit back, kick up their feet, and not do a thing.

You’re going to have both of those. And do you really want everyone to end up back inside the house playing video games? Kind of kills the party, doesn’t it?

First, if you have a pool, you already have your fun built right in. Just toss in some foam noodles and toys and let everyone have at it. But maybe you don’t have a pool (or don’t have a friend who will let you host a birthday party). If that’s the case you’ll want a few different games to play.

Three children playing in the pool holding eegee cups

For the kick-back adults, sometimes nothing is better than a solid card game. Cards Against Humanity is always a great time (the expansion packs that turn up the “adult” theme make it extra spicy). Having cornhole on hand is fun and relaxing, and you can even just set up some space for dancing (if you have that kind of killer playlist). For the adults, even just chairs, a cold beverage, food, and shade, might be all you need. But kids? Bust out the squirt guns, water balloons, and anything else to get them running around, having fun, and keeping each other cool with the water.

Your Epic Summer Party Starts With eegee’s

Whoever the party is for, whatever the age group, and whatever part of town you’re going to be tossing the party in, just remember one thing: your epic summer party starts, and ends, with eegee’s. As long as you bring the subs and the drinks, everything else will work itself out.

What!?! FREE eegee’s? Yes!

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