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July 8, 2022

How to Throw an Epic Backyard BBQ  

Backyard BBQ season is here, and eegee’s couldn’t be happier about a season where you can really kick back and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation. If you’re ready to throw an epic party now that the kids are out of school and adults are ready to let their hair down, we have some suggestions about how to put it together. Here are a few party ideas that are sure to leave everyone feeling satisfied.

Keep It Casual

There’s a lot of pressure these days on throwing the ‘perfect’ party, but these expectations often keep people from inviting others over to their less-than-perfect home. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t have a relatively tidy home and backyard (more for your sake than that of your guests), but you also don’t have to have fancy invitations, place cards, decorations, menu, etc.

Some people love the art of calligraphy or Photoshop, but not everyone has that kind of time to devote to it either. At eegee’s we think you’re better off sending out simple invites to get everyone over. Put people on a group text or send out an email with a few key details. Give people the who, what, where, when, and why, and they should be just fine.

group of young adults hanging out outside with mountain landscape

Ask for Food

Potlucks are supposed to be messy and informal.  Kids get ketchup on their shirts, cheese gets stuck to the grill pan, and snacks are eaten by the pound. They’re also a ton of fun if you do them right. When people bring all of the side dishes, then all you have to do is throw a few burgers and dogs on the grill and call it a day. BBQs are fun because there’s nothing pretentious about them, depending on the size of your yard, the more the merrier.

Tell your guests the side dishes they bring don’t have to be fancy. In fact, the easier the better. If they’re really at a loss, suggest swinging by with a few sides from eegee’s, like fries (regular, ranch, cheesy bacon, chipotle ranch, or buffalo ranch), cookies (fudge brown, chocolate chip), or salads (Italian, Classic Chef, Southwest, Farmhouse).

Consider icey-cold eegee drinks to wash it all down, too. These delicious fruit-packed treats keep everyone hydrated and satisfied — particularly when the weather really starts to heat up. They’re great with a cheeseburger or brat, and could easily be swapped out for the traditional ice cream dessert at the end of the party.

couple of young adults holding their eegee drinks

eegee’s has a few options if you’re hosting a bigger affair:

  • Fun Pak: This is a bucket of eegee that serves 25 people. You get spoons, cups, and a scoop with a Fun Pak, making it an excellent stop for anyone who wants to enjoy a little treat during the party.
  • Party Pak: Same eegee deliciousness, this time in a jumbo bucket that can handle up to 50 people. You’ll get the spoons, cups, and scoop, plus a silky, icy concoction with all the fresh fruit you can handle. Jam-packed with flavor, the Party Pak can handle big parties under the toasty Arizona sun.
  • 3-Foot Original Grinder: Dwarfing toddlers and infants, the Original Grinder is ham, salami, provolone, lettuce, onions, pickles, pepperoncini, spices and house dressing. That’s a lot of extra snacks and sides if you’re already at the grill. Or you could ‘forget’ to pick up the charcoal and everyone will have to make do with sandwiches.

3 foot sub sandwich with eegee drink and side of fries

Make Clean-Up Easy

Look for ways you can reduce the amount of clean-up, and we mean everywhere. Foil on the grill, paper plates, disposable cutlery/cups: whatever it takes. Clearly, you’re going to want items that will biodegrade to protect the environment, but don’t feel bad about wanting to cut down on how much work the BBQ is. Epic parties don’t usually involve the host doing round after round of clean-ups.

You don’t want to look back and think about how much you had to do to keep the whole thing running — that will just discourage you from having another BBQ until next year. The more no-mess, no-fuss you make your parties, the more you can have during an already limited season to begin with.


Parties don’t technically need music and lighting, but they certainly can be improved by them. Much like the rest of our ideas, you don’t have to overthink this one. A small speaker attached to your smartphone may be all you need. Just make sure you consider your audience (e.g., classic rock hits might not always go over well with everyone).

When the lights start to go down, even a few extra strings of lights overhead can make a difference in how people interact with each other. Or feel free to invite people inside if the crowd is starting to wind down anyway (or if your bug defenses are starting to crumble in the wake of the evening).

Group of people, men and women together sitting on party in back yard outdoors.

Finally, think about having a few simple games for your party, whether that’s cards at a picnic table or a water balloon toss on the lawn. Having things to do can sometimes break the ice with new people. Even if everyone knows everyone else, it’s sometimes fun to have people compete with one another. Cornhole, pinatas, and three-legged races are all pretty easy to set up and pretty much guaranteed to give the party an extra dimension.

Why Throw a Party?

You certainly don’t have to throw a party. It’s not as though you haven’t earned the right to have your backyard to yourself. However, there’s something about being able to take control of your space and how you share it with other people. Just remember that sometimes fancy parties aren’t very fun, and sometimes casual affairs are the only ones that you can really remember. Those memories, whether they’re perfect or not, are made every summer, but they might not happen at all if you don’t put in a little effort.

If you want to spare yourself a lot of headaches, ask other people to pitch in. After all, people will want to pitch in anyway, so you might as well have them bring things that will make your life easier. eegee’s has played a pivotal role in celebrations across the state, and we’re proud to have people visit our stores. However, we’re equally proud to be featured in your home too, particularly when you’re enjoying your summer to the fullest.

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