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April 15, 2022

Hottest New Attractions and Things to Do in Phoenix  

Phoenix is an exciting destination, no matter when you decide to visit there’s always something unique going on. At eegee’s, we’ve been serving up delicious frozen fruit drinks and quality subs and sides in Tucson for decades now, but we’ve recently branched out to the Phoenix area. If you’re looking for fresh attractions, we’ll look at where to head in the Valley of the Sun (and why you might want to pack a few subs to take along with you).

Spend a Day at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)

This is a global musical instrument museum that pays homage to music in all the best ways. What musicians play depends on everything from the culture to the time period to the geographical location. It’s a way to learn about history through a different, melodic medium.

This space also features the MIM Music Theater, where you can choose from 300 seats of incredible acoustic space. The museum’s latest exhibit is called Treasures and it features instruments from the past 6,000 years. The preserved craftsmanship and beauty is truly something to behold.

plants and cacti at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

Check Out the Desert Botanical Garden After Dark

When the sun goes down, the flowers start to bloom in the desert. This botanical garden has tours that highlight all the activity that goes on after hours. Also, they’re featuring Chihuly, a large-scale installation that pays tribute to all the life you’ll find in the desert. It’s a great place for families and couples alike to get a sense of all the desert has to offer.

Ride the New Zipline at Goldfield Ghost Town

The Goldfield Ghost Town is on the Eastern side of Phoenix at the foot of the Superstition Mountains. Once a booming mining town, today you can find anything from play gunfights to reptile exhibits.

It’s definitely a family-friendly place, and a fun place to learn more about the history of the city. Plus, there’s always something new going on, including the latest attraction: the Superstition Zipline. This is a chance to see a ghost town in a whole new way, one that will stick with you long after you take off your gear. Take a picnic of eegee’s subs and fries and settle in to a different time.

people walking at an art show outside on a sunny day

Attend First Fridays for the Best in Art

This art walk appropriately takes place in the Arts District of the City and it’s home to both artists and chefs alike. This is a festive time to check out the local talent in the city, particularly if you’re looking for a unique addition to your home. This area of the city has experienced something of a revitalization, so there’s a lot of energy packed in a small space.

Since 2015, more than 100 new bars and restaurants have opened downtown, and First Fridays are designed to call attention to the answers for ‘new attractions near me’.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt for Your Favorite Bands

Venues are everywhere in Phoenix, and they feature both world-famous and local bands alike. Locals recommend checking out some of the smaller spaces, as this is a place to catch the next up-and-comer. If you’re looking for a must visit place in Arizona, you can count on finding your favorite genre playing somewhere in the incredible city.

The staff at eegee’s is always on the lookout for the next act that will turn heads, and luckily, there’s always somebody out there who’s testing the boundaries of their personal sound.

woman hiking up a desert mountain

Appreciate the City from on High at Dobbins Lookout

Look out from an elevation of more than two thousand feet and appreciate Phoenix from a different vantage point. Located in South Mountain Park and Preserve, there are miles of trails to hike, so you can drink in the mountain views. You’ll undoubtedly want to fuel up at some point during the day, so eegee’s invites you to take a deluxe grinder or a chopped salad and dig in.

Check Out the Local Festivals

Like most cities, festivals are a way to single out what makes a location unique. In Phoenix, you’ll find events like the FRIED French Fry & Music Festival, a celebration that singles out all the creative things that you can do with the lowly potato, as well as all the fabulous musicians that bring their tunes to anyone looking for a memorable day.

Trees and water in a park

Relax at the Japanese Friendship Garden

The Japanese Friendship Garden is downtown, and it’s very calming. On any given day, you might catch traditional tea ceremonies, tai chi classes, or workshops. Thankfully, the location is known for keeping it all fresh and exciting, which can be great if you’re visiting the city with people who have different definitions of a good time.

See Desert Rider at the Phoenix Museum of Art

Desert Rider is a new exhibit at the Museum of Art, one that’s inspired by the unique transportation in the southwest and the culture of the 1950s. When so much of our understanding of automobiles has been mythologized by everything from Route 66 to On the Road, this exhibit plays with those assumptions and taps into a deeper fascination with this symbol of freedom.

outside patio shot of the gilbert eegee's location

Try the New eegee’s in Gilbert

When the state starts to heat up, people across Tucson tend to turn to eegee’s if they’re looking to cool off. Of course, this small business is not limited to the borders of Tucson. In fact, the company has been busy expanding.

Most recently, eegee’s is ready to invite Phoenicians and visitors alike to try out their latest location in Gilbert, one that has been in the works for quite some time now. From ranch fries to frozen drinks packed with real fruit, there are plenty of ways to enjoy eegee’s in the city.

Our fresh meals may be casual, but they make great travelers if you’re going to a tourist attraction in Phoenix. Whether you’re looking for fun things to do for children or adults, our staff is here to send you off with everything you need.

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