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October 7, 2021

Halloween Party Decorations and Food Ideas Everyone Will Love  

From ghouls and goblins to witches and zombies, who doesn’t love a little ghostly Halloween fun? There’s truly nothing else like a classic Halloween party. It’s a costume party and everyone already knows to dress up. Whether it is for adults or kids, there’s plenty to look forward to when attending such a spooktastic event.

But maybe the one thing better than attending such an event is to put on a Halloween party yourself. It puts you in full control and allows you to show off your creative side. Sure, it’s easy enough to grab some decorations from the local party store, but what about the food? We all know the best part of every party is the food, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to create food that matches your party’s theme. So, how can you spookify your Halloween food without doing the same boring foods served at every other similar party?

Head over to eegee’s, that’s how. In fact, with just a few fun tweaks, you can take these potluck ideas and instantly upgrade your party, all without spending much time, money or effort on the Halloween party decorations and food.

Witch Cauldron eegee

You’re not going to frighten anyone away when serving up an eegee. In fact, once people start hearing that you have it on hand, you might see a sudden influx of party guests (some of whom you don’t even know).

But you can’t just hand out cups of eegee frozen beverages served out of a punch bowl or cooler. It is, after all, Halloween, so where is your Halloween spirit?

eegee's | Halloween decorations filled with eegees

A fun and easy way to do this would be to serve it out of a witch’s cauldron. You can find these cauldrons at most large grocery stores or places that sell Halloween decorations. And being that they are plastic, they will be food grade safe. Just wash it out before using it and you’re good to go.

The Pumpkin Patch

Not feeling the frozen offering out of a plastic cauldron? Or maybe you don’t want to buy something that you will either toss out, or be forced to put into storage. No problem there. Go with a carved out pumpkin to hold the eegee instead. Once cleaned out you won’t get any real pumpkin taste in the drink, and it’s a great insulator, because you can simply place the carved out top back in place, and it suddenly just looks like a pumpkin again.

It’s also a solid option if you have the kid-friendly eegee in the cauldron, and the adult spiked version in the pumpkin.

eegee Shooters

Want to take your love of frozen eegees to another level? Pick up some party syringes. These can be nabbed at most party stores. There’s no needle, so don’t worry, but the end is large enough to enjoy a shot of something out of it. So you can either add an eegee as-is to the syringe, or you can mix up a cocktail for the Halloween adult party. (These are also easily considered Halloween desserts in our opinion).

two wine glasses with fake syringes in. Party drinks.

Terrifying Sandwiches

An eegee’s sandwich and grinder isn’t all that terrifying. In fact, it’s downright delicious. So how can you add it to the party setup without it just looking like a big sandwich on plates? There’s a few ways. First, you can cut the sub into smaller, 3-inch sections, then arrange it so it looks like a giant snake curling around the table. You can even grab some olives and toothpicks and stick them at one end so it looks like eyes.

Around the snake sandwich you can arrange dark, crispy potato chips, to make it look like it’s crawling on dirt. Or, you could pick up some edible candy bugs, and scatter them around the table, giving it the appearance of crawling through mud amongst other bugs. You can have an extra piece of ham rolling out of the snake’s mouth like a tongue, and you can use large, sword food picks to stab through each section of the snake. This way, it looks like it’s been stabbed a dozen times, when you’re really just making it easier to hold the food together for your guests. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it all. That’s the best way to set up your sub.

Pumpkin Carvers

Some pumpkin carving has really gotten elaborate over the years. Remember when you were a kid and you’d settle for cutting out a few teeth in the traditional “jack-o-latern” style of pumpkin carving? While the traditional style is cool and all, there’s so much more you can do now. If that’s not something you’re into, or if you’re looking for more inspiration, you can actually take advantage of the eegee’s October flavor of the month “cree-tures” stencils we’re planning to share on our social channels this month.

Just download the stencils and print it out. Tape the stencil in place on a pumpkin and poke holes to mark the outlines using a pencil or push pin then remove the paper and follow the lines. It’s pretty simple. However, we would recommend picking up a pumpkin carving kit, just to be safe. Using a giant knife isn’t the best way to go about carving a pumpkin, and it’s a little dangerous since it’s so wide and difficult to use. A safer alternative would be to cut out the stencil to trace around it and fill in the design with paint, no knives involved!

Oozy Ranch Fries

When searching for Halloween food ideas, you’ll want to take advantage of the eegee’s ranch fries. Just make sure to ask for some extra ranch when you order. Why? Because then you can set up an entire scene on your table that makes it look like the ranch is oozing out of an alien or another creature. Just set a toy or plastic alien nearby and give it a wound-looking scratch with ranch pumping out of it. Trace it back to the ranch fries and you suddenly have a fun and spooky looking scene on hand. Too over the top? You could always go the Ninja Turtles route and have a tube marked “Ooze” or “Radiation” and then have it cracked open and leaking the ranch.

Your Next Epic Halloween Party Is Just an eegee’s Away

You don’t have to drive all over Tucson in order to put together a spooktacular Halloween party. Whether it is a themed birthday party, a work party, or something else entirely, you can grab most of the necessary goodies from your neighborhood eegee’s. From hauntingly delicious eegees to spooky sandwiches, skip the boring old gummy worms in Oreo cookie crumbles and grab some food that everyone will like. And, of course, if you develop your own Halloween food ideas, make sure to share. That way, everyone can make their own Halloween parties bigger and better next year.

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