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June 6, 2022

Fun Father’s Day Gifts and Activities That He’ll Actually Enjoy  

It’s that time of year again – time to celebrate dad! Maybe he has all the ties and hats he can use, and this is the year you want to come up with something new and exciting to do for Father’s Day 2022.

If you are struggling to come up with the perfect something for dad this year, let us at eegee’s help. Consider some fun and unique Father’s Day gifts and activities he will enjoy this year.

Detail of an old styled bingo pinball

Go to an Arcade

Your dad probably grew up on the popular games you’ll find in your local arcades, such as Pac-Man, Asteroids, and pinball. Sure, you could play most of these games and more at home, but is it the same? It won’t be for him.

Going to the arcade will bring back a rush of childhood memories that he didn’t even know he had forgotten. You’ll all enjoy the blinking lights and sirens going off. There is nothing quite like banging the pinball machine until you get tilt warnings and cashing in your tickets to get that cheap prize.

Make a day of it by stopping by eegee’s to enjoy a few Grinders and Ranch Fries on the way there. It’s a winning combination for Father’s Day that he will never forget.

Take Movie Night Outdoors

Speaking of things dad used to do, nothing quite compares to a drive-in movie. You can take him and the rest of the family back in time by turning the backyard into a movie theater to watch some of his favorites from childhood.

You’ll need an outdoor screen, a projector, and some Bluetooth speakers or a sound system. An outdoor screen can be just about anything white, too. Hang a sheet from the top of the garage, for example. If you want to splurge on an actual screen, consider setting something up you and the family can use anytime as your own outdoor theater.

Now, pop some popcorn, pick up a bucket of ice-cold strawberry eegee, and load up on some subs to snack on and enjoy the show.

If you don’t have a backyard that will make a good movie theater or the weather doesn’t cooperate, how about heading out to Old Tucson to see a movie?

A bright red lawn mower tackles a lush green lawn.

Do Your Chores and His

Maybe your dad’s idea of fun is time to relax. Sometimes, that is hard to do when the garage needs cleaning or the lawn mowed. Make a list of things you and your family will get done for dad so he can enjoy his special day.

You can expand this idea into something more tangible, too. Maybe make a coupon book he can cash in anytime he wants to nap instead of work around the house. You could add a few projects you know he wants to do and offer to be his helper.

Make sure to put a few coupons in that let him pick where the family eats dinner. That is a win-win for everyone, especially if he loves that eegee’s takeout.

Have a Picnic

It may sound simple, but not if you let him pick the destination and you bring the eegee’s fixings. Really, what’s not to love?

Pack some extra stuff so you can make a day of wherever he wants to go. For example, bring some blankets and lounge chairs if you are headed to the lake. If he is more of a park kind of guy, stash Frisbees in the trunk or maybe load some bikes into the car for a ride after you enjoy lunch.

Host a Beer, Scotch or Wine Tasting

Nothing says “extravagant gift from daughter” quite like a tasting party. Whatever your dad’s favorite beverage is, it is fun to try different varieties. If hosting doesn’t work for you, consider going to a microbrewery, distillery or vineyard instead. You can test out a few samples and let dad pick his favorite as a gift. It will be fun to see how that beverage pairs up with his favorite foods.

Get Him New Swag

Dads like getting new swag just as much as anyone else in the family. Treat your dad to a new T-shirt or hat that reps his favorite local food joint. Perhaps you want to get him a small gift plus an eegee’s gift card so he can pick out what he wants. An eegee’s car air freshener or sticker might just be the perfect present to accompany that gift card he’ll unwrap on Father’s Day.

Woman's hand from behind holding a green rubber axe to throw it at the target with the intention of sticking it in the bullseye.

Go Ax Throwing

It’s the newest fun thing to do in town, so try it out on Father’s Day. You, dad and the whole family can take out your aggression on an innocent wood target for a small fee. If your dad is already an ax-throwing fanatic, consider buying him a gift card from his favorite range. Then, he can use it for a night out with his friends anytime.

Go Rock Climbing

Maybe ax throwing isn’t his thing. He is more of a rock climber, or it’s something he always wanted to try. There are plenty of rock climbing opportunities in the Tucson and Phoenix area, both man-made and natural.

If he is an experienced rock climber, try one of the cliffs at Mount Lemmon or Tanque Verde Canyon. If not, a rock climbing wall at one of the many local sports centers is a great way to get started.

Get Sporty

Of course, ax throwing and rock climbing are just two ways you and dad can get your sports on this Father’s Day. Find the sports-related activity that he loves the most and treat him to a day of it. Maybe, your dad loves to shoot hoops or spend time on the golf course. How about the whole family taking the historic Tucson bike tour?

You can work any of those into your Father’s Day celebration or give a gift related to what he loves to do most like new golf balls or clubs.

Plan a Surprise Party

Does your dad’s birthday fall around Father’s Day? Why not surprise him with a party this Father’s Day weekend. Even if it’s not his birthday, a surprise party is a great way to celebrate with family and friends. Order eegee’s catering, along with a Party or Fun Pak to ensure the party guests are satisfied and well-fed.

Get Crafty

If your dad is more of a couch potato than an athlete, there are plenty of other things you can do to inspire him, such as:

  • Take a cooking class together
  • Take a home project class at your local home improvement store
  • Learn a new hobby at the local craft store
  • Take a ceramics class
  • Paint a masterpiece at a local paint and sip spot

Whatever you decide to do with dad this Father’s Day, add eegee’s to your plans. It will make for a great day for sure.

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