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June 1, 2021

Everything You Want to Know About eegee’s Flavors of The Month

Each month, eegee’s lovers everywhere anticipate the reveal of the flavor of the month. Will it be a fan favorite back from the vault? Will it be something new?! Is it watermelon? Please, let it be watermelon!!

A new flavor every month is the perfect excuse to sweeten your day with an eegee’s run, but have you ever wondered how the flavor of the month is chosen? While some have suspected over the years that the eegee’s Flavor of the Month is a lottery, there’s actually a science behind it.

The weather and seasonality are two of the main determining factors of the flavor of the month. If you think about it, this makes sense! In the warmer months, our taste buds crave juicy watermelon and refreshing strawberry flavors. These fruits also happen to be in season, which is important since eegees are made with fresh fruit. Customers have come to love and expect these summertime flavors, which is why they tend to make an appearance every year.

In some of the later months of the year, we love to experiment with brand new flavors and also themed flavors. For example, Lucky Lime is a fun one that coincides with St. Patrick’s Day in March.

Dying to know more about the flavor of the month? We’ve got the inside scoop, Q&A style.

What is the Flavor of The Month?

It might sound basic, but you really only need a tablecloth or blanket, a nice spread of food (3-foot eegee’s subs highly recommended of course), and definitely a cooler to keep all your frozen goods nice and frozen. Fill the space with tons of pool toys, games and balloons and watch it transform into a fun space to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Wait…What’s An eegee?

If you’re new here, an eegee is a fruit-filled frozen treat. Basically, the flavor of an eegee is the flavor of happiness.

Who Comes Up With eegee’s Flavor of the Month?

Most months out of the year, we love to give the eegee’s fans what they want. Historic fan favorites and best sellers that have become an eegee’s tradition are chosen during the warmer months. There’s just something about watermelon that screams summer! In some of the other months, a team at eegee’s looks at flavor trends and what’s new and exciting in the food industry.

They then do a taste test to decide which flavor best fits with that month. During the taste test, testers provide feedback, which is then taken back to the kitchen to tweak the recipe. The recipe isn’t finalized until it’s absolutely perfect.

What Are The Most Popular Flavors Of All Time?

Watermelon is by far our top flavor of all time. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must! Orange Dream (served with the option of ice cream on the side) and Lucky Lime are also cult favorites. Galactic Grape and Banana Blush too!

How Have The Flavors of The Month Evolved Over The Years?

Every so often, the flavors will undergo a name change. Kawabanaga Cooler is now known as Lucky Lime and Black Raspberry is now Scary Berry, for example. Other than that, the process has remained the same. eegees are still made with fresh fruit.

Who Makes The Flavors?

Commissary Manager, Taylor, has been with the company for nearly 20 years. He is the one who creates the flavors in the kitchen. Once they’re created, he conducts a taste test and if there is any feedback, he then goes back to the kitchen to improve the recipe before it’s finalized. Dream job alert!

Fun Fact: No Flavor of The Month has ever become a permanent addition to the menu. It’s always, “Get it while it’s here!”

Does eegee’s Have Non-Rotating Flavors?

We have a core set of everyday flavors that you can enjoy any month of the year. Lemon, Strawberry, Pina Colada and Skinny Berry are on the everyday flavors menu. You can also order half and half, which is one flavor mixed with another. There are so many different ways to enjoy an eegee! You can even mix your favorite flavor with tea. It’s called a Teagee.

How Do I Become A Flavor of The Month Taste Tester?

While we love hearing our customer feedback, we like to leave the flavor testing to the pros. Commissary Manager, Taylor, has been doing it for 20 years after all! The best way to be an eegee taste tester is to try the flavor of the month! You can always let us know what you think on Facebook or Instagram.

eegee’s is all about sweetening the moment. Every month there’s something new to celebrate, which is why the flavor of the month is one of the most beloved eegee’s traditions. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, a promotion or just the fact that you made it to Friday after a long week, we can’t wait to celebrate with you. Head to eegee’s to check out this month’s flavor!

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