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October 21, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About eegee’s Catering  

Feeding the masses doesn’t need to be difficult, stressful, or even time-consuming. Whether you were put in charge of feeding a sports team at the last minute, or you have some time to prepare for a business luncheon, you don’t need to worry about what to feed everyone. Instead of guessing what guests will like and not like, you need to turn to the local Tucson experts who have been catering large gatherings for decades: eegee’s. Yup, the fan favorite sandwich chain based right in the heart of the Old Pueblo caters. And yet the catering at eegee’s is just a little bit different. Here’s what you need to know.

Catering Made Easy

eegee’s has made catering a breeze. Need to feed a group of around 25 people or so? The eegee’s Fun Pak is the way to go. With this you’ll receive everything you need, including spoons, cups, a scoop, plus a large bucket of the legendary frozen drink. And if the Fun Pak doesn’t cover your group, we also offer the Party Pak which comes with enough drinks for around 50 people.

eegee's fun pak bucket

The legendary eegee’s beverage can then be paired with any number of three-foot subs. Whether you want something like the roast beef and provolone, the ham and Swiss, the grinder, the eegee’s original, or you want to create your own subs from scratch, the three-foot subs are the way to go. You can add as many of these three-foot subs as you’d like in order to feed your group. When ordering, make sure to check out the Party Pak prices for your event, as everything you spend through the catering orders can be added to your eegee’s account.

Anything else you want from the menu to help satisfy everyone you are feeding? Make sure to go over the menu and point out anything else you might like to add to your catering order.

Earn Free Food With an eegee’s Rewards Account

Yes, it’s true. You can earn free rewards like food and drinks with an eegee’s reward account. While some restaurants don’t include catering in their rewards points system, eegee’s does. This means you can quickly earn points to redeem for not only yourself, but any future catering you need to do. This means that after just a few catering events you put together, you’ll be able to potentially have an entire event covered, free of charge, all because of your points.

3 ft long grinder sub with a bucket of strawberry eegee

But how does the points system work? It’s pretty simple. Open up either Google Play or the App Store on your mobile device, then download the eegee’s app. It’s a free app, and once it’s downloaded, launch it on your device and fill out the basic information requested. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be given an account login.

Once you have created an active account, just make sure to either open the app and have it scanned during checkout at any local eegee’s restaurant, or be logged into your loyalty account when you place your order online or through our app.

For every $1 you spend, you’ll receive a point. Then, for every 50 points you will receive a $5 reward (That’s $5 back in rewards for every $50 you spend, which is basically like 10% reward points. Not even the best credit cards offer that kind of perk). Want to get extreme with your eegee’s points? There are Double Point Days throughout the year, which allows you to earn double the points.

Just make sure to provide your account information first before completing the order. As long as you do this you’ll receive all the points for your catering order.

Catering In No Time

Have a big event coming up, and you totally forgot to order the food? With eegee’s at your side, you can have delicious food from your local favorite in no time at all. Just stop by your nearest eegee’s restaurant or order your food online and your food will be made right away.

plate of french fries with ranch and bacon on top

Give at least an hour’s heads up prior to when you need the food completed and everything else will be taken care of. How many other restaurants in the area will do spot catering? Not many, and there are even fewer locations that will satisfy the masses like a perfectly crafted sub.

But What If You Have A Huge Event?

Not all catering jobs are the same. Oftentimes you’ll want a few of the three-foot subs for a sports team’s dinner or for a business luncheon. That isn’t always the case though. Maybe you have a major event you’re planning with dozens, if not hundreds of people, and you need something easy that will satisfy everyone. The catering services at eegee’s can still handle this, although you will need to go about placing your order just a bit differently.

In most cases, as long as you give at least an hour’s notice for a smaller catering order, your food will be ready for you. With a larger event it does take some coordination, just to make sure all the food you need is on hand. That is why, if you are making a catering order of $600 or more, you need to email eegee’s at [email protected]. For these larger orders it might need to be spread out between different restaurants, or certain products might need to be ordered ahead of time for one specific location. When you do need to make this kind of order, just shoot the event staff an email and provide your details. This will help ensure the staff is on hand and the produce is available to make your catering order just the way you want it.

Book Your Next Party With eegee’s

It doesn’t matter if you need just one or two Party Paks, or you’re trying to feed a convention, the staff at your local eegee’s is up to the task. Plus, when you login with your eegee’s account prior to making the purchase you can really rack up the points, which goes a long way in paying for future events. Just think, after ordering eegee’s a few times for large groups you might be able to have a future event completely paid for. All for doing what you’re already doing: ordering food for your group. With nothing to lose and delicious food to gain, make sure to check out your friendly neighborhood eegee’s for any and all of your catering needs.

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