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December 12, 2022

Everything to Know About eegee’s Locations in Phoenix  

eegee’s may have started in Tucson, but it’s certainly not the only place you’ll find us. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about our presence in Phoenix, we’ll tell you about our locations, history, menu items, and much more.

There’s a lot to know about the brand, and why our logo is literally tattooed on some of our more devoted fans. We’ve managed to connect with our customers not just because of our delicious treats, but because we take an active role in our communities.

eegee’s Locations in Phoenix

How many locations does eegee’s have in Phoenix? You can find several spots in and around the city:

  • 35th Ave. + Peoria Ave (Phoenix)
  • I-17 + Bell Rd (Phoenix — Coming Soon)
  • Baseline Rd + Val Vista Dr. (Gilbert)
  • Val Vista Dr. + Loop 202 (Gilbert)
  • Crimson Rd. + US 60 (Mesa)
  • Florence Blvd. + Peart Rd. (Casa Grande)

So if you’re wondering “what cities have an eegee’s?”, just know that there is now probably one location near you.

We haven’t been in the Phoenix area for long, but we also didn’t need much time to start making a big impression on Phoenicians. It’s never easy to get fanfare going in a new area, but eegee’s has built plenty of buzz from our many decades serving the state.

young adults hanging out in front of gilbert az eegee's. tailgating.

People from our home city are more than willing to vouch for our customer service and, perhaps more importantly, the delicious taste of our fruit-packed signature drinks. Whether it’s 100 degrees or not, people think of us whenever they need a casual place to pick up anything from a sub to dessert.

Getting Involved

When did eegee’s open in Phoenix? The first location in the city came in July 2022, and it was a big deal for us. When eegee’s had our openings, it was our privilege to pay homage to the individual communities and those who live there.

For instance, at our Peoria location, the grand opening encouraged customers to donate to the American Cancer Society in honor of Cassy Mendez. She had grown up just around the corner from the spot and was diagnosed twice with cancer. After managing to beat breast cancer, she got pancreatic cancer just 5 years later. Local artist Meg Stapp also painted a special piece for eegee’s, one that was dedicated to Cassy and her fight against cancer.

CEO Jason Vaughn said that he was touched to single out someone who had supported the brand for so long, and he looked forward to the friendships that the staff would build in the West Valley for many years to come.

In Gilbert, we tailored our approach based on the nonprofits in the area (more on that below). As with the Phoenix location, local artist Sage Aune was invited to design a special-edition sticker for the first 5,000 guests at the location.

eegee's storefront. eegee's logo.

Local Giving

eegee’s has always jumped in wherever we could be of use, and we answer the call to act locally. Our Green for Green recycling program collects all of our used items, like pallets, buckets, and scrap metal, and then sells them at a drastic discount to the public and local businesses.

All of the proceeds are given to our hourly employees so they have more cash to spend on their kids or on themselves at the beginning of the school year.

When the Loop 202 location opened in Gilbert, eegee’s chose a Gilbert-based charity to donate 100% of its proceeds during its soft opening. Open Arms is a non profit that collects food and clothing and gives it to those most in need.

Residents of the community give items all-year-round to support their neighbors and ensure they have enough to get by. It was a natural fit for us, as eegee’s has long been involved in charitable donations. From the very beginning in the old Pueblo, we wanted to do as much for our communities as they did for us.

How We Got Our Start

eegee’s started in late summer 1971 during a truly brutal heat wave. Pools were like hot tubs, and pavements like fire. Turning the AC up all the way barely took the edge off. Our founders started off with a truck full of frozen lemonade, and they showed up wherever they thought they’d be of use — playgrounds, schools, sporting events, concerts, etc.

The treat was frosty and smooth, it was exactly what people needed to breathe a little easier in the Sonoran sun. What is an eegee? It’s a frozen beverage packed with real fruit. We still offer our original lemonade and added the classic Strawberry and Piña Colada. Every month we feature a different flavor called the Flavor of the Month. We also surprise our guests throughout the year with exciting limited-time flavors. From mangos to cherries to blueberries, we give you the best flavor profiles possible in a cup.

table full of eegee's food. Subs, ranch fries and an eegee drink.

Ever since, the business has captured the attention of millions in Tucson, all of whom want to eat and drink well without spending an arm and a leg. An eegee is a marriage of fruit and frost, and they pair perfectly with our classic menu: delectable subs, piping hot fries, tangy, rich Ranch, and chocolate brownies.

We recently added chicken fingers to our menu, which has already proved to be a popular decision. Now, we offer everything from catering to giant buckets of your favorite flavor of eegee for parties.

Check Us Out

For all those who haven’t had the pleasure of slurping on an eegee or dunking one of our chicken fingers in our homemade ranch, we invite you to be our guest. This is a great way to learn not just about the menu and the featured eegee of the month, and enjoy our unique establishments.

hand dipping chicken tender into ranch

There are so many reasons to visit eegee’s once you know more about our business and what we stand for. This isn’t a case of reckless expansion at the cost of the community’s welfare. Everything we do is designed to uplift our neighbors. So if you’re in Phoenix and have something to celebrate — even if it’s just making it through a difficult day — we’re at your service.

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