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November 11, 2021

eegee’s Rewards | Deets on Getting Your Free eegee’s  

Is there anything better than the way a refreshing eegee kicks away the summer heat? The way a single sip can blast exhaustion to the curb while leaving you refreshed? In the moment you might not trade anything for that experience. It’s why Tucson residents have continually come back to eegee’s for over 50 years! But what if you were told you could earn rewards just by doing what you’re already doing? That makes things sound even better, right?

With eegee’s rewards, you can do exactly that. You can pocket some sweet perks, all without having to do anything more than sign up. And signing up is free!

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Earn A Free eegee Just For Signing Up!

Without doing a thing you can net yourself a complimentary eegee by just creating your free account. You’re basically being given something for nothing, and who doesn’t love that? Whatever eegee’s you want to go to, head on in with your new account and they will hook you up with a medium eegee*, on the house. So enjoy the sweet taste of your sign-up success.

What’s Special About the eegee’s Rewards Program?

Not every reward program out there is clear. It shouldn’t be complicated or confusing. It should be easy to understand. That’s exactly what the eegee’s reward program is.

With the reward program, you earn a point for every single dollar you spend on food and beverage at eegee’s. Whether it is an eegee’s classic beverage, a grinder, some fries, or anything else in between.

Need to feed the entire office? Why not put a smile on their faces with eegee’s grinders and a smile on yours with all the points you’re going to rack up? From buying food for yourself to feeding the block party, you’ll earn a point on every dollar you spend.

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There are even some days where you can earn double the points! There are select days throughout the year where you’ll earn double points for every purchase. That’s two points for every dollar. Just think if you learn about the double-point day and it’s your turn to provide after-soccer meals for the team. You’ll be scoring some serious points back with these double days.

The Perks

What do you get with these points? Every point is given to you for a dollar spent, and after 50 points you’ll receive a $5 reward. Just think, if you buy $25 worth of eegee goodies on a double-point day you’ll receive $5 back.

That’s like 20% cashback. Name any single credit card program that can do that? Heck, name any kind of reward program that will do that. And even when buying eegee’s on non-double-point days, you’ll still be earning $5 for every $50 spent. That’s 10% cashback, which will still take any other reward program to task.

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You can use those $5 rewards for any kind of food and beverage purchase. Maybe you want to use it right away, or maybe you want to bank the $5 and let it grow. Perhaps you’ve got a kid’s birthday party coming up and you’ll need to feed a dozen kids but you’d rather not pay for it. Well, by saving the rewards you might be able to do exactly that.

You’ll also be receiving a pretty sweet birthday surprise. And let’s face it, couldn’t you use a surprise on your birthday? Birthdays as adults just aren’t as exciting as they were as a kid. Half the time, the only cards you receive in the mail are from your insurance provider or from the dentist’s office. With eegee’s, you’ll be looking forward to this kind of surprise, and it will be a fantastic way to treat yourself.

There will be even more updates and sweet things coming up with the app and your reward program, you just need to make sure and sign up. It’s super easy to do and, once you have the app you’ll be well on your way to earning free eegee’s.

How Do You Use Your Rewards?

This is pretty easy to do. Once you have the reward app on your phone, you will want to have your phone on you whenever making a purchase. At the time of purchase, power up the eegee’s app and pick which reward you want to use. A special QR will be created for you to scan and apply to your order.

Maybe you’re ordering a larger order online? Just sign in to your loyalty account then make your order and all the reward points you deserve will be added directly to your account.

Sign Up For Your eegee’s Rewards Today

It’s super easy to sign up for eegee’s rewards program. You have two ways to do it. First, you can grab your phone and head on over to Google Play or the iPhone App Store. Once there, enter in “eegee’s” and you’ll be taken right to the rewards app. Download the app and fill in the basic information. That’s it.

Or, maybe you’re at your computer and you’d rather sign up this way. Just follow the “Rewards” link right here, scroll down, and select the “Sign Me Up” button.

Once there, you’ll just need to fill in some basic information like name, email address, phone number, password and your physical address (that way you can receive some special offers, including a bonus offer during your birthday), and you can choose your favorite location as well! Then click “Submit” and you’re all set.

So however you want to sign up, when you are an eegee’s lover the only thing that makes it better is if you start earning rewards for the things you’re already doing. So why wait? Sign up for the free program and begin earning rewards today!

*Free medium eegee with any purchase, valid for 30 days.

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