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October 17, 2022

eegee’s Approved Art Galleries Around Tucson  

eegee’s has become a household name since 1971 in Tucson, Casa Grande and more recently, Phoenix. Not only have we mastered the art of quenching your thirst and stimulating your taste buds, but we have also committed ourselves to giving back to the community. One such way is by supporting Tucson’s local artists.

Local Art Collaboration

Arizona is home to many talented artists. The radiant murals and unique artworks found all over Tucson are proof of it! At eegee’s, we value these artists and their contributions to our community, so we decided to include locally created art in some of our swag and stores.

Gonzo Pillars by Jessica Gonzales
“Gonzo Pillars” by Jessica Gonzales

For example, the “Gonzo Pillars” was created by Jessica Gonzales for our new location at 2790 W. Valencia Road, which opened in August 2021. Also, Jonny Bubonik created the “Dripee” Wall in June 2022 at our 3250 E Valencia location. He also designed the “Bubonik Cup” which was sold on our swag site in January 2022.

“Dripee wall” by Jonny Bubonik
“Dripee wall” by Jonny Bubonik

Do you want a taste of art’s finesse? Tucson artists have got you covered! Here is a list of our approved art galleries that showcase local artists’ works.

Jane Hamilton Fine Art

Jane Hamilton Fine Art gallery is an impressive art collection. It showcases the artworks of over 40 artists, whether they are abstract, contemporary, Western, landscape, traditional, figurative or 3 dimensional. This flourishing art gallery is liberal about style or media. You will be thrilled by the creativity employed to carefully craft the minutest details in these exhibits. The Jane Hamilton Fine Art gallery is located at 2890 E. Skyline Drive Suite 180. Check out their site.

Colorful Decorative Glassware

Philabaum Glass Gallery & Studio

Philabaum Glass Gallery & Studio is the only glass gallery in Southern Arizona!

This glass gallery and studio, birthed in 1982 by master glass artist Tom Philabaum, is located at 711 South 6th Avenue. Tom Philabaum displays his glistening wares in a gallery which can be seen by visitors across the glass window.

Leading glass artists from across the nation also exhibit in the gallery. To visit the gallery of Tucson’s own Tom Philabaum, you will have to make arrangements between Wednesday and Saturday.

Etherton Gallery

Etherton Gallery was established in 1981. It specializes in vintage and contemporary fine art photography, paintings, prints, sculpture, and mixed-media works, done by local and regional artists.

Danny Lyon’s break-your-heart Texas prison photos, Mark Klett’s brilliant landscapes, or Kate Breakey’s painted photos of desert birds are classics you will find here. Contemporary painters, like Bailey Doogan, Jim Waid, and the late Nancy Tokar Miller, along with up-and-coming young Tucson artists are not left out.

The Etherton art gallery has been voted “Best Gallery” in Tucson for several years. As one of the foremost Southwest galleries, you’ll find high-quality works, including turn-of-the-century Western American ethnographic and landscape photographs.

Some of the recent additions you definitely need to see are Kati Horna’s “Remedios Varo, 1963″, Yamamoto Masao ‘s”#1371 from Nakazora, 2006” and Wendi Schneider “Flamingo, 2022, negative date 2012”. This gallery is located at 135 S. Sixth Avenue.

Carly Quinn Designs

Carly Quinn is a Tucson-based artist who works with some of the top designers to create specialty tile lines, custom countertops, backsplashes and other various tiles for commercial & residential installation.

After mastering the production of hand-glazed tiles in 2008, Quinn ventured off on her own in 2011 and created her own art gallery located at 730 S. Russell Avenue. Her tile designs have a signature of radiance and beauty that is difficult to resist, making it easy to recognize her work. Carly Quinn’s tiles can be found in numerous galleries and businesses throughout Tucson, Southern Arizona and beyond.

Old Native American Pima and Papago baskets

Desert Artisans Gallery

Desert Artisans Gallery is owned and run by Southern Arizona artists. Over 60 artists with different crafts exhibit their works in this art gallery. You will see artworks that are made with clay, wood, metal, glass, jewelry, paintings, photography and wood, providing a great diversity of local art awesomeness.

Wanita Christiansen’s “Sunset Serenade,” Clydean Troner’s “Frog Prince,” Linda Levine’s “Poppy and Peppers II” and David Thekan’s “After the Rain” are just a few of the exhibits that are sure to catch your attention. It is located at 6536 E Tanque Verde Road in Tucson.

The open desert is depicted in this Acrylic painting.

Madaras Gallery

The Madaras gallery is a 2,800-square-foot structure. It is the largest collection of Tucson art and proudly showcases the paintings of its owner Diana Madaras. A renowned artist, who has won numerous awards, Madaras has completed paintings for Westin, Loews and Miraval Resorts including ordered paintings for the estate of the former President of Mexico.

Observe the beauty of the Southwest through the vibrant works of this local award-winning artist. With a mission to make local art more accessible, the Madaras Gallery also features paintings, canvas reproductions, prints, sculptures, ceramics, hand-blown glass, gourd masks, jewelry and carved mesquite by other Arizona artists.

Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery & Workshop

Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery & Workshop is a cooperative community of artists committed to helping each one grow. They organize theme shows which result in exhibitions by renowned artists like David Tineo all the way to the first-timers — and any media can be used.

Whatever your level of skill, you are welcome to participate, so feel free to try! Who knows? You may get a free lesson from the pros. The gallery’s openings are among the best in town, with vibrant dance performances, poem reading and something to eat at the end of it.

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