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July 1, 2021

Best Specialty eegee Flavors to Pair

eegee’s got its start by selling a frozen fruit drink on a hot summer day, otherwise known as a match made in heaven. Since then, we’ve had four decades to truly perfect our combinations, and our staff takes a lot of pride in the grueling work of trying one delicious flavor after another.

So before you order your old standbys, hear us out for a minute. If you’re visiting us soon, here are our all-time recommendations. (Just remember that we fully support your decision if you choose to conduct your own research!)

Best Specialty Drink Pairings

Our drinks are packed with chunks of fresh fruit and bursting with plenty of flavor, and they’ve been blowing customers’ socks off for years now. If you’re ready to kick the summer off right by visiting us when the temps are through the roof, here are some suggestions to guide you toward the drink of your dreams.

Tango Trifecta

Strawberry and pina colada frozen drinks are two of our mainstays for a reason: they’ve managed to win over individuals, families and towns alike. When you add our flavor of the month, AKA mango tango, it just adds to the fun. Finish it off with a little tajin seasoning for a little extra zip, and you’ve got a summer treat that will go down quite well with food or on its own.

Spicy Tango Palmer

A regular Arnold Palmer is equal parts iced tea and lemonade, but our version has a twist. Instead of classic iced tea, we recommend swapping it out for the mango tango instead. This combination also pairs well with tajin seasoning. The salty lime and chilies are both well-equipped to make the rest of the flavors pop.

Tango Mist

If you love Sierra Mist, it might be a good time to try the soda with mango tango and tajin. The carbonation perks everything up and makes for an interactive (and bubbly) experience. This pairing may depend heavily on citrus, but the sugar and spice are there to round it out. It’s easy to imagine cooling off with this one on the hottest day of the summer.

Three to Tango

Mango tango, pina colada, and lemon (plus tajin seasoning, of course) is a great way to celebrate eegee’s in all its glory. Similar to the Tango Trifecta but with an additional note of sour, Three to Tango can be a new way to experience some of your old favorites.

Dew the Tango

Mountain Dew plus mango tango combines two bold flavors into one delicious drink. The tropical flavors of the mango and the tantalizing citrus of the soda make for a tongue-tickling pairing. It may even give you a whole new appreciation for the versatility of this beloved beverage.

Best eegee/Food Pairing

Our food was created to go perfectly with our drinks, but let’s face it, some combinations just seem to stand out more than others.

sandwich with meat and veggies next to french fries and red eegee

Ranch Fries and Strawberry eegee

If you thought we were going to go big with our food pairings, think again. Fries smothered in ranch and topped with bacon practically beg for a drink that will offset some of the richness. Our frozen strawberry eegee has just the right amount of sweetness to pair with the salt of the fries and the tang of the ranch.

Chocolate Chip Cookie and Lemon eegee

Something of an upgrade from the standard after-school snack, our lemon eegee pairs well with the rich chocolate from the cookie. If you’re swinging by for dessert after a summer kickback, you really can’t get better than this.

BLT and Mango Tango eegee

BLT may be an all-American sandwich, but that doesn’t mean it won’t play well with a tropical blast. From the mayo to the bacon to the mango, there’s more going on than meets the eye. This pairing is a great balance of flavors that is sure to make your lunch or dinner that much more memorable.

SW Chipotle Ranch Chicken and Pina Colada eegee

Chipotle plus pina colada may not be your average pairing, but there’s a reason why the two are both famous in some of the warmest countries of the world. The ranch and chicken in this salad gets a boost in flavor profile from the coconut and pineapple.

someone getting unsweetened ice tea

Turkey Sub and Skinny Berry eegee

If you’re watching your weight this summer or you’re just looking for something a little lighter, the turkey sub and skinny berry eegee pairing can be everything you’re looking for (and more). The berry flavor helps give a little more dimension to the sub, and can be a great way to take the temperature down a degree or two at the same time.

Best eegee’s Combo

Our combos are inordinately popular with kids and adults alike. All of our food is made fresh and each menu item is designed to ‘fit’ together perfectly.

The Original

The original combo at eegee’s is an 8″ Original Grinder, regular fries and a small lemon eegee. You can order your sandwich on white, wheat, or a rye roll, and don’t forget to dunk your fries in some ranch dressing. A classic for a reason, this pairing has kept people coming back to eegee’s in droves.

Bag of eegee's with drink and fries placed outside

Visiting eegee’s in the Summer

Our specialty frozen drinks are what got us going in the midst of one of the hottest seasons on record. All we had to do from there was pair our own instincts with the requests of our many customers. We think you’ll agree that our menu has managed to hit all the high notes, particularly when you can nail down all your favorite flavor profiles in one meal.

As summer gets going and we all enjoy our longer days and warmer nights, eegee’s invites you to stop by and sample something new. You might be surprised with what you find (or what you come up with on your own).

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