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January 21, 2022

Best Sandwich Catering in Tucson and Phoenix  

Planning a meal for a large group can be a pretty large pain. Trying to figure out what everyone will like, what their allergies are, what they choose not to eat, and what their diet allows can be nearly impossible.

That is, unless you decide to go with the best sandwiches in town. Catering is only difficult if you let it be. By ordering a selection of sandwiches you’ll cover many dietary restrictions, and you’ll leave everyone satisfied.

Plus, even if you have leftovers, you’ll have no problem taking them home and enjoying the remaining sandwiches with your family. The Tucson legend, eegee’s, thrives in the world of catering, and with more locations popping up around metro Phoenix, the Valley will soon discover what residents of the Old Pueblo already know: eegee’s is possibly the best sandwich catering restaurant in the entire state.

The eegee’s Catering Packs

If you’ve searched for the “best sandwich catering near me” on Google, you’ve probably come across a handful of restaurant options near you. Some of them do make some decent sandwiches.

However, none of them can offer you the legendary, award-winning ranch French fries, or a frozen eegee. Nothing livens up a party like a frozen tasty beverage. Whether it’s served as-is for a kid’s birthday party, or you want to add an “adult” touch to the drink and offer up frozen cocktails, the eegee makes all of this possible. It’s also why eegee’s sells several catering packs of their beverage.

Smaller container of red eegee

The eegee’s Fun Pak serves up to 25, and it includes spoons, cups, and a scoop. Want more? The Party Pak serves up to 50, and both come packaged in specially crafted, insulated containers, so you’re not left with a melted soup an hour after picking it up.

3-Foot Grinders and Subs

Sure, you could go out and order a bunch of foot-long subs, but do you really want to order a dozen of these things and try to carry them around? Probably not. Luckily for you, eegee’s can whip up a 3-foot sub or grinder for your party. You can mix and match so you have all the tastes covered.

Want to go with the classic original? Packed with salami, ham, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pepperoncini, provolone, spices, pickles, and the house dressing, this is the sandwich that can feed the masses while leaving them all satisfied.

3 ft long grinder sub with a bucket of strawberry eegee

Maybe you have some vegetarians who will be stopping by (or you at least want to plan for it). The 3-foot veggie grinder can be packed with all your favorite veggies, like tomatoes, carrots, black olives, pickles, and not to mention Swiss and provolone cheese.

There’s plenty of subs and grinders for you to choose from, which is why ordering sandwiches for your party is the way to go. Cut into smaller sections, guests can eat just a smaller portion of a sandwich and then go back for more. This helps make sure that not only everyone is full, but that you aren’t left with a bunch of half-eaten sub pieces you can’t do anything with.

Make Sure To Sign Up For the Rewards Program

If there’s one thing you want to do before setting up your large party order, it’s to sign up for the eegee’s reward program. This reward program will help put extra eegee’s into your mouth and money back in your pocket. And because you’re making a larger catering order, the eegee’s rewards program will go to work right away for you.

For starters, you’ll earn a free eegee just for signing up. So you’ll be sipping away at your free beverage when stopping by to pick up your catering setup (or you can have it brought to you, because eegee’s delivers as well).

eegee's cup filled with a lemon eegee next to a welcome table sign

The basics of the rewards program is you earn a point for every buck you spend. And for every 50 points you’ll get a $5 reward (aka, you’re getting 10% back. How many reward programs give you those kinds of perks?). So, you might be walking away with some tasty gift rewards after just your first catering purchase. And if you do this on a regular basis for the office or for kid’s parties, you’ll be racking in the rewards in no time.

And things get even better. Because there are Double Point Days. These days will change throughout the year, but don’t worry, you’ll be notified of it so you can adjust your calendar accordingly. That means you could be 2 points per dollar spent (or 20% reward points back for every purchase).

There’s a load of other perks for signing up with the eegee’s rewards program, which you can read more about here.

The Best Local Catering Option Is Right Here

If you were to try and set up a large catering order with most other restaurants, it would take some time for them to address the order. They might require you to let them know weeks in advance, because they will have to order more food to meet your needs.

But what if you don’t have that kind of time to wait? Perhaps someone sprung planning this kind of party for you at the last minute? With eegee’s catering, that’s not a problem at all.

eegee’s can handle any kind of order, regardless of the size. Yes, the bigger the better. Even if you have an order of more than $600. Just give any location a call and we will get the order ready for any event.

This way, your food can be made faster and ready for you in no time. There’s nothing better than having your catering order done fresh and quickly. So, if you’re looking for the best sandwich catering in either Tucson or Phoenix, turn to your neighborhood eegee’s, no matter the size.

Set Up Your Catering Order Today

When you want a delicious, fun meal for an event, birthday party, Super Bowl gathering, or any other activity, if you need to feed more than a handful, there’s nothing better than eegee’s catering.

With a variety of sandwich options, frozen drinks, salads, and anything else you might need, catering by eegee’s is easy, fast, and effective. So, whether you’re in a rush and need the catering order put in right away, or you’re preparing a few days (or weeks) out, make sure to check out the wide selection of catering options through the eegee’s website, or give your local restaurant a call today!

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