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September 10, 2021

7 Easy Party Foods to Serve (or Bring!)  

With school back in session, football season in full swing, and the summertime mercury in the rearview, now is absolutely the right time to think about entertaining again. The biggest question you should be asking yourselves? What you are going to serve.

Even if you’re heading out to a party, and you’re supposed to bring something delicious, there are zero reasons to stress or go to great lengths to prepare over-the-top dishes for your guests. In all honesty, when it comes to awesome party foods, sometimes the easier the recipe, the more satisfying it is—for both your hungry guests and your budget. Here’s a starter list of easy party foods for almost any occasion.

Rice Krispies Treats

A universal and easily customizable classic. These are easy to make and budget-friendly. Plus, have you ever heard someone say they don’t like Rice Krispies treats? Crunchy, chewy, easy to grab, there is a reason the humble Rice Krispies treat has remained popular for generations. Add M&Ms, dip in milk chocolate or add a drop of food coloring (think your home team’s colors on game day) to make them all your own. Pro-tip? Store-bought Rice Krispies treats are (almost) just as good.

stack of rice crispy treats


Long before you could buy it in the store, Chex Cereal boxes would display recipes for making Chex-Mix at home. And, during the winter months, boxes would be themed with Peanuts characters like Snoopy and Charlie Brown, featuring new seasonal and sweet variations on the popular party snack. Sure, you can buy the premade stuff now, but ask anyone who’s made it at home and they will tell you homemade Chex-Mix, and that unmistakable nutty, salty goodness always takes the prize.

snack mixture of pretzels, chex and nuts

Pizza Bagels

Serving regular takeout pizza too basic? We get it: It’s easy and you can feed a crowd quickly and inexpensively. You could make your own, but that can be labor-intensive and messy, even if you have the right equipment (read: a really, really hot pizza oven).

Instead, do the old-school pizza bagel. In fact, it’s almost foolproof. Leave the dough-making to the professionals by using your favorite pre-baked bagels. And, by doing so, you not only cut down on the kitchen mess, you cut down on the prep and kitchen time. To put it another way: You’ll have more time with your guests! Just add your favorite tomato sauce, cheese and toppings, then cook and serve. Still don’t have time to build and bake pizza bagels yourself? There are countless decent options available in your grocery store’s frozen food aisle. 15-20 minutes in the oven and you’re done!

Deluxe Bagel Pizza's with Pepperoni,Mushrooms, Red and Green Peppers with Fresh Basil and Oregano

Chill Out with eegee’s Fun Paks or Party Paks

Instead of offering to bring the party’s main course or another finger food, why not a dessert, or in this case, the pure refreshment that is the eegee. Hold the heavy ice cream or too-sweet sorbet and liven up the party with an eegee’s Fun Pak or an eegee’s Party Pak? Whether enjoyed as is or mixed and added to make your own flavors (don’t forget the adults by having a little rum, tequila or vodka on standby), the crown-pleasing eegee is always a VIP party guest.

The Fun Pak will serve up to 25 guests and it includes cups, spoons and the scoop. The entire chilled treat comes in a specially designed chill bucket to help keep it cool between picking it up and dishing it out. Have a larger party, or want to offer larger servings? The Party Pak is large enough for up to 50 guests. The eegee couldn’t be more perfect for your next party.

4 spoons in a bucket of lemon eegees

eegee’s 3-foot Subs & Grinders

There will be times when you just don’t have the time (or the energy) to whip together food for that impromptu party you’ve offered to host. Well, eegee’s to the rescue. From eegee’s 3-foot subs to their Fun Paks and Party Paks, leave the food to the professionals who know how to help you throw the party everyone will enjoy. Throw a few extra orders of eegee’s infamous ranch fries in the mix? Go ahead, we won’t judge. From the original grinder to the ham & swiss grinder, a three-footer sliced into smaller sections can feed a small party (12 people can each get a three-inch slice of the grinder). Sometimes the choice is clear!

3 ft long grinder sub with a bucket of strawberry eegee

Fruit Salad

Why mess with what works? One of the most satisfying and easiest party foods you can go with is the friendly fruit salad. The fresh fruit you love not in season yet? Grab a few bags of your favorite frozen fruits and mix them together. Picked and flash-frozen at the peak of their freshness, and sweetness, fruits like blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, mango and so many other options can be made perfect any time of the year.

bowl of fresh blueberries, raspberries and mandarin oranges

Chips, Salsa and Guacamole

One of the biggest perks to living in Arizona is chips, salsa and guacamole never go out of style. Super easy and super delicious, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a bowl of salty tortilla chips and a few sides of good dips like a spicy salsa or fresh-made guacamole.

Avoid traditional grocery store tortilla chips and salsa by making the extra effort. Visit your local Mexican market or mom-and-pop Mexican restaurant to grab a few bags of your favorite restaurant-style chips to go with a fiery or smoky homemade salsa made with local chili peppers.

homemade guacamole with chips and salsa

Order Your Party Food Today

Don’t have time to run to the grocery store? Don’t want to turn on the oven? eegee’s is always at the ready. Whether for a few 3-foot subs or a Fun Pak (or two), no matter the size of the party or how hungry the guests are, you’ll instantly be the hero of your own party. And, it’s easier than ever to make it happen: Go online, find your local eegee’s and order ahead! All same-day and you’re ready to party.

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