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December 19, 2022

15 Most Popular Party Themes For Adults  

With our 3-foot grinders and ice-cold buckets of our famous fruity beverage, eegee’s is no stranger to parties. Our food and silky smooth drinks show up all over Arizona. If you’re thinking of throwing a party, we bring you the top 15 themes to jumpstart your creative juices.

1. Costumes

A classic for a reason, costume parties give you a jolt of Halloween no matter the season. Plus, there’s a little of the pressure taken off with a casual costume party, because now you don’t have to feel obliged to come as a witch or werewolf. Throw in a deluxe 3-foot grinder and a Party Pak of your choice of flavored eegee, and you can’t lose.

2. Mardi Gras

Arizona might not be across the country from New Orleans, but they’re also not exactly around the corner either. For anyone who wants to don some beads and toss caution to the wind, a Mardi Gras theme can come together with little more than streamers, glitter, and a King cake for dessert.

3. Painting Party

Drinks, canvases, and paint materials: this could give you a chance to use up any supplies that you have lying around. You can also probably find a venue in your area that would organize it all for you. Let your guests fuel up with a 3-foot ham and swiss sub from eegee’s and give them more than a bottle of wine by ordering a Fun Pak.

friends playing jenga and having fun smiling

4. Board Games

Board games are more than just family-friendly fun. The silliness of charades, the stick figures of Pictionary, and the buzzers of Taboo can get people giggling pretty quickly. These kinds of parties take almost no time at all to put together, and they’re easy-going enough that you can invite different friend groups over because you have a built-in icebreaker.

5. Chocolate Fondue

Fondue is not only fun to do, but it brings everyone to a central spot. If you want to make it a full dinner party without having to make a full dinner, try the Original Grinder with ham, salami, onions, pepperoncini, provolone, pickles, spices, tomatoes, lettuce, and house dressing. Add in a Party Pak of strawberry eegee and you’ll really seal the deal.

6. Diamonds and Denim

The diamonds don’t have to be real, but the denim should be. Your favorite skirts, jackets, pants, and shoes can be jazzed up with some real or fake bling. The theme can also be combined with any of the above ideas, like board games or fondue, as a way to add a little extra dimension. Serve a skinny berry eegee’s Party Pak, which comes with a scoop, cups, and a spoon, plus a 3-foot roast beef and provolone.

7. Flower Arranging

Bright blooms that smell delectable are just the beginning of this unique party idea. Learn the basics yourself, teach them to your guests, and then let them put their own creative spin on the process. Ask everyone to bring a vessel (basket, vase, etc.) that means something to them and let them take their arrangements home.

8. Ugly Sweaters

Ugly sweaters don’t have to be saved for Christmas time. If you’re looking for funny party themes, the simple boundary of an ugly sweater can help them pick out what to wear. All they have to do is find a sweater that is as loud as it is brash, and they’ll be ready to go. Top it off with an eegee’s deluxe grinder, and don’t forget to get enough fries for everyone.

eegee's 3 ft sub with a bucket of eegee and small french fry

9. eegee’s

eegee’s started in the early 1970s as nothing more than a truck at different events during a sweltering summer. If you want to pay homage to a local institution, we recommend having everyone come in their favorite 70s dress, and maybe skip the air conditioning. To cool off, serve a variety of eegee flavors, including the flavor of the month.

10. Kentucky Derby

Some people love the Derby for the horseracing, but others are into it for the high fashions (read: hats), and the cocktails. This swanky event is one that has attracted people of every background to watch, and it’s even more special when you put a little effort into the whole affair. The best part is that you don’t have to get too fancy with the food and drinks. In addition to the mint juleps, make sure you have eegees on hand to cool off.

Playing cards, Casino chips

11. Casino Night

We don’t expect you to build (or even rent)  a craps table for your friends — though that would certainly be memorable — but you can certainly do plenty with a casino night party. Even if you’re just having people play their favorite card games, it’s an easy way to bring people together. Make sure you have plenty of chips to pull off a tournament, and then have prizes for the big winners.

12. Movie Nights

Movie nights are simple to put together. The hardest part is usually picking a movie that everyone wants to watch! While you could go all-out with movie posters, popcorn carts, and curtains for your big-screen TV, no one will judge you if you don’t. A turkey and provolone 3-footer from eegee’s plus a pina colada Party Pak would be plenty.

Group of teenagers having fun at nightclub

13. Rock Stars

If you have a group of music lovers for friends, a rock star party gives everyone the chance to have their own backstage. On the invite, consider asking people what special request they would put in their rider to ensure that someone was paying attention to their directions (Van Halen famously asked for no brown M&Ms).

14. Toga Party

If you want a throwback to college party themes and drinking games, togas are your best bet. Play with the theme a little by serving up an Italian sub, tying the Greeks and Romans together in a distinctly modern way. eegee’s recommends making some headbands to complete the look (for anyone who forgot to bring their own).

15. Black and White

If you want to help people pare down their wardrobe or if you just want to make your decorations a little easier. A black and white themed party is simple, yet sophisticated. It’s also easy to bring in pops of color, like that of a Party Pak from eegee’s.

Party themes can be elaborate, but they can also be simple to put together. Whatever you choose, make it easier on yourself by having eegee’s cater the whole affair.

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