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May 5, 2021

10 Ways to Celebrate This Summer With eegee’s Fun Paks

Two words. Fun. Pak. This bucket of your favorite frozen treat is what every summer gathering, party, soiree or impromptu Sunday Funday needs to take things to the next level.

eegee’s Fun Paks can serve up to 25 of your closest friends. If you’re looking to have some easy-going eegee’s fun this summer, we’ve got you covered. Stuck on how to celebrate during Covid-19? You’ve probably heard that outdoors is best, which is perfect because that’s always the best way to enjoy an eegee. It’s the ultimate summertime refreshment.

Check out some of our favorite ideas to help inspire your summer party plans and how a Fun Pak (or two) can be the guest of honor.

1. Outdoor Birthday Parties

It might sound basic, but you really only need a tablecloth or blanket, a nice spread of food (3-foot eegee’s subs highly recommended of course), and definitely a cooler to keep all your frozen goods nice and frozen. Fill the space with tons of pool toys, games and balloons and watch it transform into a fun space to celebrate another trip around the sun.

2. Throw a Drive-By Baby Shower

What started as a way to celebrate safely might be our new favorite way to honor a new mom. A drive-by baby shower in Tucson can be just what a mom-to-be needs to feel safe and supported right now. It takes the pressure off her of having to open gifts in front of a lot of people and still gives her a chance to share in the love of everyone who drops by.

These baby showers can be designed as a parade, or you can give people a specific time to stop by. Drive-bys can be especially exciting as guests can honk, decorate their cars and still show how much they care while keeping mom healthy. Send them away with an eegee’s and your drive-by shower will be the talk of the car.

3. Small Parties at Home

One reason we like small parties is because you can really spend quality time with people. Rather than being overwhelmed with the planning and hosting of a large party, opt for a smaller gathering and thank us later. Plus, more eegee’s to go around! Book clubs, dinner parties, job promotions, home renovations, just plain old Wednesday night–there are so many occasions that call for a little get-together. These smaller gatherings are the ones you remember most, right?

4. Get to Know Your Parks

Tucson has some great outdoor parks and attractions. Even if they can get a little crowded sometimes, the fresh outdoor air is where it’s at. Whether you’re heading to the park with the kids or making a day trip to Sabino Canyon, grab an eegee on your way so you can stay cool.

5. Neighborhood Block Parties

The good old times! Start a new summer tradition in your neighborhood. Grab the lawn chairs, get out the hockey gear (or whatever your kids are into) and call it a block party. eegee’s is a great way to win over those neighbors who need some convincing.

Kids get a chance to play and adults can spread out and catch up. After such an isolating year, this is a way to connect with people. For all the time that you spent either in or near your home, there’s something comforting about talking to people who have the same view as you.

6. Make the Most of the Fourth

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, make this special holiday do double duty. Turn your outdoor barbeque into a birthday party where everyone sings and eats cake during the fireworks. Or have people leave a pile of presents for a housewarming, then enjoy an afternoon outside before the colors light up the sky. This would be a great year to give your local celebrations a little extra meaning, so you feel like all the pomp and circumstance are just for you. Don’t forget to brush up on your holiday safety tips!

7. Outdoor Graduation Parties

It doesn’t have to be a huge bash to be memorable for the graduate, and they’ll undoubtedly remember their celebration for many years to come. This is a year when even small gestures will go a long way. Having an eegee’s Fun Pak will be a great way to give everyone a refreshing break from the heat. Here’s to the class of 2021! And 2020 if you’re playing catch up.

8. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt over the summer can be a great way for people to collaborate, brainstorm, and show off their creativity, and it’s not just for kids! Great for guests of any age, scavenger hunts are all about setting up a chase that’s thrilling and fun. For instance, have people take pictures at certain places around Tucson and have a prize for the team that can turn in all their pictures the fastest. Or have people scout around for different objects and then present their versions at the finish line.

You could also turn this into an Olympic-style relay race. The first one to finish their eegee wins! Bring on the brain freeze.

9. Backyard Movie Night

Watching movies under the stars can be a new way to experience date night. You may need to get a little technical setting up a big screen in your backyard, but we know you can do it! A little extra effort will go a long way for the perfect backyard movie night.

10. Cabin in the Woods

Camping is a favorite summer pastime. Take the family on a weekend in the woods for some much-needed bonding time. Just bring some games, hiking gear, and of course, plenty of food. And if you’re sick of canned beans, there’s an eegee’s waiting for you when you get home.

Summer should be a time of celebration in Tucson, one where people can brush off some of the more difficult times and look ahead to a more uplifting lifestyle in the future. A Fun Pak is a reminder of all the sweetness that can be found in the world. Stay safe, and have fun!

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