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November 11, 2022

10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $30 For Coworkers and Friends  

Secret Santa is a time-honored tradition in which sassy socks are exchanged, funny mugs make the rounds, and Jim’s profession of love for Pam goes badly awry. Of course, chances are you’re not planning a Secret Santa gift for coworkers meant to express your undying devotion.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock this year’s event, especially with these Secret Santa gift ideas. They’re all fun, they’re all perfect for friends and colleagues, and they’re all under $25 or $30. Sounds pretty good, right?

Say goodbye to terrible teapots or creepy dollar store stuffed animals that are more appropriate for Halloween than for Christmas. Read on and we’ll spill the tea on the best gifts this holiday … and every Christmas going forward.

1. Nerd Mug

Nerds, unite! Ever since The Big Bang Theory made hobbit costumes and upscale science experiments cool, we’ve had some serious love for dork-dom across the nation. If you want to celebrate the geeks in your life, this mug is the perfect way to do it.

excel shortcut mug

The Excel Shortcut mug drops a bunch of knowledge in one coffee cup, giving your giftee their daily dose of caffeine and time-saving tips.

2. The Classic “Everybody Eats” Tee

Come on, it’s just a fact that everybody eats. What better way to celebrate one of life’s greatest pleasures than with an “Everybody Eats” vintage tee? Especially for those that love eegee’s, with its classic, one-of-a-kind blended icy beverages – and a complete menu to boot.

eegee's employee working while wearing "everybody eats" shirt

Whether your recipient lives in Tucson or is a transplant longing for a taste of home, the “Everybody Eats” tee is the perfect way to show them a little love. Even if they’ve got no clue what eegee’s is, we’re pretty sure they still eat so… a good call all around.

3. Popcorn Popper for Dum Dums

Making homemade popcorn is a skill everybody should add to their adulting repertoire, but let’s face it … air popping those golden kernels is just hard.

That’s where the Popco Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper comes in. Made of material that doesn’t get hot like glass, it’s safe for the whole family. Plus, it comes in tons of colors and at a 15-cup capacity, it’s big enough to serve everyone at movie night.

4. Cookbooks (the Boozy Kind)

Do you have a friend who lowkey moonlights as a bartender? Then this is the perfect gift for them. A cookbook with some serious extra to it, your giftee will have boozy holiday drinks at their fingertips with the Teekee Recipe Book.

teekee mix drink recipe book

Plus, it’s only $12.99, less than half your $30 budget. You can either fulfill your Secret Santa duties on the cheap or use the rest of your budget to buy a martini shaker or something.

5. Motivational Planters

Say goodbye to posters … motivational planters are here, and they bring that full-on positivity you’ve been looking for. What could be better than something green and growing, accompanied by the affirming phrases we all need to hear from time to time? Choose from You Grow Girl, Rooting for You and I Be-Leaf in You to perfectly express your feelings.

6. Movie Scratch Off Poster

Have a movie lover on your Secret Santa roster? A scratch off movie poster is the perfect way to help them track their viewing efforts.

From The Notebook to Raiders of the Lost Ark to Shaun of the Dead, it gives your movie buff a one-hundred-film bucket list to work through. It might take a year or a lifetime, but once they’re done, they’ll have a frame-worthy conversation piece for their living room wall.

7. Funky Decals

Legit, you cannot decorate too many things with decals. It. Is. Impossible.

Decals are the perfect way to adorn a laptop, water bottle or coffee mug. With indoor-outdoor toughness, you can even put them on a car, window or street sign (just kidding!)

bubonik decal sticker

The Bubonik Sticker

A super-fun way to dress up your Secret Santa gift is to make a nice lil’ collection of decals and put them all in an envelope so they have a bunch of gifts to pull out.

8. Birth Month Glasses

Birth month glasses? With birth month flowers? Out of which you can sip your latest blended, boozy Teekee drink? Um, yes, please. These Uncommon Goods products are a truly can’t-miss option for your giftee.

Extra points: it shows you know the recipient’s birthday. Or at least that you took the 13 seconds to email HR and ask for it, which is almost as good, right?

9. Restaurant Gift Cards

Again, we cannot overstate this simple truth: everybody eats. Which means everybody needs food. Which means literally anyone will be happy to receive a gift card that lets them, you guessed it, buy food.

eegee’s is here to save the day again, with gift cards that range from $5 to $100. Also, we’re offering a promo right now: buy $50 and get $10! Okay, so it’s a little over $30, but considering the deal, we just couldn’t help but mention it … even if the only person you buy it for is yourself.

10. Audible Credits

Much like everybody eats, everybody at your company doubtless reads. Hopefully for pleasure, and you can help them there with Audible credits. Now they can run, bike or mindlessly enter data in a spreadsheet to the accompaniment of a really great book.

Even more good news: today’s Audible catalog is massively expanded with Plus listening experiences, which are free to add on to their regular monthly credits.

Become the Secret Santa Boss Today

Alright, now you’ve got no excuse not to win at Secret Santa. I mean, it’s not a competition, but if it were, you’d definitely be taking home the gold medal. And isn’t beating out your coworkers what the Christmas spirit is all about?

Wait, no. It’s about giving a thoughtful gift to someone who matters. Yes, that’s it … so get out there and get thoughtful.

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