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May 23, 2022

10 Fun Outdoor Summer Birthday Party Ideas  

Are you getting ready to plan a summer bash? If so, it’s time to choose a theme! We know there are lots of ideas for summer birthday parties, so today, we want to take some time to share our favorite ideas. And don’t worry — we’ve broken it down into summer birthday party ideas for adults, kids and all ages to get together (this way, you can figure out which idea is alcohol-friendly)!

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Party Ideas for the Adults

While most kid-friendly summer birthday parties are great for adults as well, sometimes it’s nice to plan a night completely kid-free so you can let loose. Here are four of our favorite summer birthday party ideas for adults:

1. Wine Tasting Night

If all you want to do during your summer is drink wine with your friends, then you might want to consider hosting a wine-tasting birthday party. Plan a trip to the wine country or visit your local winery for some outdoor tasting. You can even have each of your friends bring a bottle of wine over to your house and everyone gets to sample without the stress of traveling.

group of young adults talking to eachother on a rooftop in downtown Tucson

2. Rooftop Party

You might consider throwing a birthday party on a rooftop with a view if you have access to a safe rooftop. You can watch the sunset with friends, play music all night long, or even set up a screen to watch movies.

3. Sparkler Party

For this fun summer birthday party, break out the sparklers. Champagne and sparklers complement each other, just as summer weather and outdoor birthday parties do. When celebrating, just be careful to stay far away from fire hazards.

4. Color Party

Color parties are a great way to celebrate summer (and your birthday). Tell guests to wear clothes they aren’t afraid of getting messy by buying plenty of color powder in advance. It will make for a fun photo opportunity and lots of laughter. Color parties are also a great way to announce new additions to your family — and our subs and treats are sure to hit the spot during a gender reveal party!

Party Ideas for the Kiddos

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without summer birthday party ideas for the kids to have some fun, too. Your kids will love you for planning a fun outdoor adventure for their birthday. Here are four of our favorite birthday party ideas for kids:

5. Archaeological Digging

Hold an archaeological dig party for children who enjoy the thrill of the hunt or are fascinated by all that came before them. Children can search for and discover “artifacts” buried in the sandbox, on the beach or in the dirt. If you want to add even more fun to the event, you can give them riddles that guide them to the buried items, or you could have a contest to find a certain “golden” item that will give them a prize.

6. Kite Party

Kites are quite elaborate, but they can be purchased for very little money, and many kids rarely get to fly them. Have your party in a large park — ideally when there are strong winds — and provide everyone with kites. Kites will be flown off the ground, and kids will see who can fly theirs the highest, and each child will receive one as a party favor!

little girl floating in the pool on a raft

7. Water Party

You are sure to have a blast at a water party — whether you have a pool or not. Water balloons, water guns, a Slip ’n Slide and sprinklers will keep the kids entertained. There will be shrieks of joy for hours, and they will never want it to end. On a hot summer day, a water party is not only a lot of fun but also keeps the kids cool.

8. Art Party

Make sure your guests are dressed for a mess. Provide canvasses, paints and brushes at your art stations. Put sidewalk chalk on the ground or offer bins of supplies like pipe cleaners, pompoms, beads, stickers and glue so that they can use their imagination. At your local craft store, you can find kits for jewelry, pottery painting and more.

Party Ideas for All Ages

While you can certainly have separate parties for adults and kids, we love the idea of throwing a summer birthday party that’s fun for everyone involved! Here are a couple of our favorite ideas for all ages:

9. Camping Adventure

If you’re looking for a way to spend a few hours or an overnight stay outdoors, nothing beats camping. You can also make your own tent by draping a sheet over a clothesline and stringing it between trees. You can use rocks or weights to ensure the corners stay in place.

Three people, man and two women sitting together on the ground in back yard outdoors. They are watching a movie together.

10. Watching Movies Under the Stars

Setting up a backyard movie theater is easier than you might think. You can buy a low-cost screen and home projector or just rent them from somewhere local. Spread out pillows and blankets and play your favorite movie. And, you can’t watch a movie without snacks — get your favorite candy (and order something yummy from eegee’s)!

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