Covid 19 Update

With the spread of COVID-19, we find ourselves in a time of uncertainty. We’ve partnered with the Pima County Health Department to create guidelines and make important changes to keep you safe and healthy. That means our dining rooms and processes will be a little different than what they were like pre-pandemic.

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  • 1 At the beginning of each shift we will be conducting mandatory wellness screens, with our employees to ensure that they are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID.
  • 2 Each of our employees wears gloves, a mask, and takes part in routine sanitization efforts of our spaces. High contact areas will be cleaned and sanitized every two hours.
  • 3 We have installed clear plexiglass screens at each of our drive-thru and takeout counters to help maintain safe distancing and promote limited contact between our employees and customers.
  • 4 Our seating arrangements will be spaced six feet apart. Floor indicators will also help guests maintain social distancing while in line.
  • 5 Dining condiment and utensils stations will be removed, as will community napkin holders. Cups, utensils, condiments, and napkins will be crew-served. All drink refills will be provided in a new cup.

As our community of Tucson continues to navigate these realities together, we continue to prioritize your well-being!

Stay safe, wash your hands.